Nasty Politics in the 50th District

The Washington Postreports

on the latest twist in the Parrish-Chapman campaign in the 50th House of Delegates district (in Manassas and environs): Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Paul Ebert, has filed unspecified charges of election fraud against Chapman, who is running a spirited campaign against the senior Republican delegate. Chapman has been contending with questions regarding the legitimacy of his residence in the 50th district.

Chapman fired back, accusing Parrish of hiring a private investigator to dig up dirt on him–a charge that the Parrish campaign promptly denied. He also alleged that Parrish is close friends with Ebert, the commonwealth’s attorney who filed the charges.

Chapman is one of only a handful of insurgents this year mounting a credible campaign against delegates who broke ranks with the mainstream of the GOP to vote in favor of tax hikes in 2004. He has raised $37,000 so far, compared with Parrish’s $126,000. In a prepared statement yesterday he said, “Delegate Parrish and his Democrat friends will not deter my fight against their billion-dollar tax increases, their billion dollar surpluses, their homosexual agenda, their do-nothing transportation plans, their assault on the families of Manassas and Manassas Park, and their assault on our conservative values that we hold so dear.”

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(comments below)


  1. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Just for the record, while I admire Chapman’s spunk and totally approve of his anti-tax message, I am uncomfortable with his animus towards gays. No one has explained to me yet how a live-and-let-live tolerance towards gays can be construed as anti-family.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Commonwealth Attorney Paul Ebert has a very solid reputation as a straight shooter. He’s been around for a long time. He would be aware of the possibility that Chapman would wave the bloddy shirt of political scalawaggery. He would not have wought an indictment had he not felt there was substance to the allegations. The idea that Chapman is being persecuted by (to steal Hillary’s phrase) a vast tax-fiend conspiracy is a delusion.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    from the WaPo article:

    In a subsequent news conference yesterday in Manassas, Parrish said he has never hired a private investigator. J. Kenneth Klinge, a paid consultant to Parrish’s campaign, said he passed information about Chapman’s residency to Prince William Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul B. Ebert (D). Klinge said he did not file a complaint and had no directive from Parrish to hire the investigator.

  4. Chris Porter Avatar
    Chris Porter

    Wait, so Klinge DID hire the investigator, just without Parrish’s permission?

    What a dedicated consultant Mr. Klinge must be! When Mr. Klinge submits the ubiquitous “personal expenses” reimbursement, does Mr. Parrish ask what the actual expenses were?

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Today in the Potomac News Chapman’s attorney, Gil Davis, was quoted as saying, “He took all the steps he needed to take; he changed his address, he registered his car, he changed his voter registration. What more could he have done?” How about live in the 50th District? Davis then went on to say that a state senator candidate from Fairfax did the same thing but was never prosecuted. Guess what, in Prince William we follow the rules. Ever hear of Debra Wilson? We take these allegations seriously here.

    It is a stronger comment perhaps that Chapman had no answer for the charges OTHER than to attack Del. Parrish. Bring a neighbor to verify that you live there (it was also reported that, when asked, Chapman’s neighbors didn’t know who he was), bring a friend to say he loaned you his truck so you could move, anything. But Chapman did none of this. Instead of trying to prove his innocence, he tried to deflect guilt on to Harry Parrish.

    What is really comical is Champan’s comment, “You thought I was working hard before. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” First, was he referring to the renovations to his condo or his campaign? How about working to keep your self out of jail? Or better yet, buy some sheets. Anyone who has ever seriously worked on a campaign knows that you don’t undertake a huge renovation project yourself while you are campaigning. That make about as much sense as skiing and doing your taxes. This boy is guilty and saying this situation was brought on by the Parrish campaign does not change anything. This situation was brought on by Mr. Chapman and his flagrant violation of Virginia election law.

  6. Bob Griendling Avatar
    Bob Griendling

    Given the description of his new digs, let’s agree that he is a slob and not too bright to bring a reporter to see what surely is his home away from home. see:

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    One telling detail in today’s coverage was mention of an earlier successful charge brought by Ebert’s office against somebody else with an address-of-convenience running for office. Over the past couple of decades this comes up every year or so, but enforcement has been spotty. If we end up with a standard that is enforced we will all be better off. It seems like the folks hot to run against Harry really had to scrape to find this guy. Just how much hot water can he be in if they had to import a candidate?

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Ebert a straight shooter?!?! How quickly you forget how quickly he could bury anything related to his old buddy Sheriff Lobo.(aka Stoeffregen)

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    Stoffregen self-destructed and joine the army of political decapitated quadruple amputees who understimated the skill, character and determination of Sean Connaughton. I don’t know that Ebert was actively protecting sheriff Stoffregen, but if he was, he didn’t reckon with Sean’s determination to clean out that department and put in place a dignified leader, Glen Hill.

  10. Steven Avatar

    Sounds like another political blood feud… Is there more to come?

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    Today (5/6/05) it came out that Chapman was fined $500 by the Manassas Park Election Board for not filing his paperwork. Can this guy get anything right? His response, true to form, they were out to get him and it wasn’t his fault.

  12. Anonymous Avatar

    Let me set a few items straight…Steve curent home in Manassas is being renovated and the house in question that the charges were brought was in Manassas Park. At his press conference, Chapman passed out a residence verification form filled out by Michael Wilbourn (the home owner and roommate of Steve’s). It says Steve lived there. I guess he would know best. Second I have been told that Michael has been pressured by Parrish to change his story…Parrish hired an investigator….on his campaign finance paage…he has Lester Cooper listed as campaign research…in today’s paper they admit that his investigated Chapman. I will write more when I get more….Chapman is innocent and being persucted by the Good ol boy network.

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    The fine was against his Consultant Trent Barton…..He can get thing right but the entire Manassas and Manassas Park establishment is digging as hard as they can and even fabricating a lot of it when they can’t find anything…as in the case of the fine… how convenient that the Registrar, a friend of Parrish, waited over 4 months to say she did not recieve a copy of the form (was filed in Richmond). How convenient that is was 60 days notice that leveled the fine and that it could not be appealed….sounds like extortion and abuse of power at its worst….

  14. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    The timing of the charges strikes me as the key to understand what’s happening. What are you Anonymous guys suggesting — that the charges were filed soon enough to cast a cloud over Chapman’s campaign but too late for him to clear his name before the primary?

    Do you happen to know the answers to these questions: (1) When is the hearing/trial/whatever-it-is scheduled to take place? (2) What date is the GOP primary?

  15. Anonymous Avatar

    When you turn in your filing forms the Registrar gives you a copy with a stamp and a date. If, as he claims he did, Chapman turned it in by hand, then he would have this copy and would have been able to clear his name. It seems nothing is Chapman’s fault in his world and the whole system is out to get him. Please.

    Just a thought, maybe it took four months because Chapman wasn’t living where he claimed he was and wasn’t getting his mail. No proof on that, just a theory.

  16. Anonymous Avatar

    exactly..tehy were filed just in time for a desperate Parrish and others to smear Chapman but not enough time for him to clear his good name. Look at the big picture and it will be perfectly clear.

    The primary date is 6/14/05…wonder if he can get a trial before then…probably not…

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