My Christmas Eve Dream Come True

After all that’s been written about traffic on this blog, I just had the most wonderful experience. There’s Christmas magic in the air.

I drove from Richmond to Manassas–exit 79 to exit 150 on I-95–almost without tapping the brakes today. The return trip was just as good. At times I thought I was dreaming–cars passed in the left lane and slower traffic stayed right. I never saw a cop and don’t think I ever dropped below 65 mph.

Oh, and the family time went well, too, with all the presents opened during halftime of the Redskins big win. It was like the good old days in so many ways.

Wish it could always be Christmas Eve … may everyone enjoy the spirit of the season as I did today.

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2 responses to “My Christmas Eve Dream Come True”

  1. It sounds wonderful. Merry Christmas to you Will, and to Jim and the rest of the crew.

  2. Ben Kyber Avatar

    Merry Christmas guys! From what I hear from my father, who travelled to Hershey, PA on the 23rd, you’re lucky you didn’t go then. He said it took an hour to get from I-295 to the Atlee/Elmont exits. Yikes.

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