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The Washington Post Race to Richmond blog isn’t setting the world on fire. There hasn’t been a legimate comment on the blog since June 28th. Half the comments on the 28th were duplicates from Carol Wolf, a City of Richmond School Board member flacking for Tim Kaine.

The “Question of the Week” in the Post‘s online forum is,

Blogs are playing an increasingly visible role in Washington area politics … What do you think about blogs — are they a good or bad influence?

It’s been up almost a week and has only attracted 37 comments, most of them irrelevant.

The Blue Dog gets that many comments just by signing his name. Heck, NotLarrySabato gets twice as many comments as that from one person.

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(comments below)


(comments below)


  1. Steven Avatar


    ~ the blue dog

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    There you go again! Barking mad, as usual. I think the Blue Dog needs to be put to sleep.

  3. Steven Avatar

    An anonymous death threat!

    That’s it — The final straw. I’ve had enough blogflogging!

    I’m changing the Blue Dog’s name to ‘not michael shear’ and then morphing into a wall flower on the web logs.

    Back to the dog nap.

    ~ the blue dog

  4. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Sure, Blue Dog, prove me wrong.

    33 more to go ….

  5. Not Larry Sabato Avatar
    Not Larry Sabato

    Thanks Will. I think whoever it is really wants to kill every discussion we have going by changing the subject to “Who is NLS”. You should come over to mediate. 🙂

  6. Steven Avatar

    Do the Blue Dog post count? Maybe, I should write something about the Kaine campaign to encourage the blogflogging of the Dawg.

    First thought: Governor Mollycoddle shortchanges Kaine with a pre-candidate VDOT selection process … inviting Russ Potts to join the fun? Not so quick! … Because Will Vehrs has already discovered the real meaning of Democratic mumbo-jumbo.

    Oh! On second thought: Gay adoptions. Better luck next time Blue Dog? Because Bob “commonwealth commonsense” and JB “commonwealth conservative” have already discovered Tim ‘the choirboy’ Kaine has another mumbo-jumbo issue dealing with Gay & Lesbian adoptions.

    Lastly, please file this under ‘say it ain’t so’ Barnie: Fellow Bacon’s Rebellion blogger Barnie Day takes a swipe at Kaine’s campaign as well.$35684

    Per Day’s column: “Memo to Kaine: Don’t be smug. Show some humility. You ever wonder why Mary Sue Terry and Don Beyer are showing so much enthusiasm lately? It’s not what you think. I hate to be the one to break this to you, pal, but your campaign is starting to make theirs look good. A little humility won’t hurt.”

    Q. Where’s Russ Potts when liberal Democrats really need an alternative candidate?
    A. The Virginia Gubernatorial ballot.

    ~ the blue dog

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Blue dog you are so pathetic. Go back to Elkton and bottle me some beer!

  8. Steven Avatar

    Yo anon,

    Fact is, two Dems posted news about Kaine’s pathetic campaign.

    But it’s a big tent, … right?

    ~ the blue dog

  9. The quiet on this thread is resounding… The Blue Dog has finally been recognized and acknowledged as the irrelevant individual that he is… Jim Bacon, when will you see the same thing and stop giving him your blessing?

  10. A parable for our time:

    The tempter of man visited an insecure little mortal of inflated ego and made him an offer.
    “I can arrange some things for you,” said he.
    “I’ll increase the attention you get one thousand-fold, to more than you could dream of. You’ll get your own public voice; You’ll have access to a wide audience in respected venues; You’ll get to convey volumes about topics I dictate and provide; You’ll never have to worry about silly little things like facts or truth or knowledge or understanding; You won’t even have to make sense; I may even let you seek positions of trust. All I require in return is that you be willing to do everything you can to undermine logic, reason, honesty and compassion in society and replace it with cynicism, sarcasm, prejudice, greed, ignorance, and narrow mindedness. In short I want you to work to extinguish the soul of a free society.”
    The insecure little man thought for a moment…
    “What’s the catch?” he asked.

  11. Steven Avatar

    Move on … Mr. Doug

    ~ the blue dog

  12. If the shoe fits…

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