I’ve had a very good run here at Bacon’s Rebellion, but I’ve decided to strike out in a new direction. I have agreed to join Chad Dotson full-time over at Commonwealth Conservative. This is my last post as one of Jim Bacon’s “wonks.” That word–“wonk”– may be at the crux of my decision. I’m more of a commentator on the passing scene than a “wonk.” I believe my style is better suited to Chad’s blog. I’ll try to enhance what he already does so well.

Jim Bacon has been great to me and I want to express my thanks for all the help and support he has extended me over the years. Jim has been a visionary in both print and online media in Virginia and beyond. This blog is a unique resource because of his vision.

My Rebellion colleagues and readers have also been great. I’ve learned so much from all of you, even when you got me hot under the collar.

I know I’ll be linking to the good stuff that appears here and I’ll continue to roam the comments section.

Thanks to all … and, to paraphrase Professor Sabato, “blogging is a good thing.”

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3 responses to “Moving On”

  1. Rtwng Extrmst Avatar
    Rtwng Extrmst

    See ya across the way Will.

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Once again, Will, we’ll miss you. I managed to coax you back into the fold one time before, but I know that this time is for real. If you had to go anywhere, I’m glad to see that it’s Commonwealth Conservative. You’ll make a great blog even better. Best of luck.

  3. James W. Avatar

    Best of luck Will.

    I’ve always enjoyed your work.

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