“Most voters are indeed ignorant”

GMU economics professor Bryan Caplan reprints a slightly redacted letter from a former Virginia Senator in which the writer agrees with Caplan’s thesis that voters are irrational. Snip:

They have no interest or concern about learning what the nuances of the issues before them might be and they are swayed by 30 seconds [sic] sound bytes on TV plus a perception that the candidate is really a nice guy.

My question? Name that Senator.

I interviewed Caplan about the myth of the rational voter for the June 19th edition of Bacon’s Rebellion.

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3 responses to ““Most voters are indeed ignorant””

  1. res ipsa loquitur Avatar
    res ipsa loquitur

    Virgil Goode

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Chuck Robb

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Tom Davis is just mad because Chap “is really a nice guy” and the Devil-Lite Diva is not.

    Tom is also mad because the voters understood the nuances of the issues and weren’t “swayed by 30 seconds [sic] sound bytes on TV”.

    Tom is mad because he blew his congressional campaign war chest on misleading TV sound bytes that didn’t fool any voters.

    Tom thought the Diva could demagogue guns and gays and get re-elected.

    Intelligent voters know that allowing someone with a concealed handgun permit to pick their child up in the school parking lot without becoming a felon is a reasonable law.

    Good for Chap for not backing down in the face of truth distorting lying RINOs.

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