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For the record, the Blue Dog is dovetailing Barnie Day’s earlier post.

I’m assuming the ‘Much Ado’ Potts-Wilder summit at Richmond City Hall took place this morning between Russ Potts campaign manager and the Mayor’s policy advisor.

However, Paul Goldman told the Blue Dog, he has also held meetings with Tim Kaine and Jerry Kilgore’s campaign staff.

“There’s no reason why the Virginia Gubernatorial candidates can’t support these issues,” said Paul Goldman.

The list of the 10-urban issues, per policy wonk Goldman…

1) Support legislation allowing Mayors to require that agencies like the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority to use the City Attorney’s office for all legal work. Right now, state law allows these independent agencies to choose whether to use the City Attorney [and it would be free to them!] or hire outside legal counsel, which the RRHA does, for a whopping 1 million dollar a year last year! [It was 1.5 million two or so years ago!]. Thus, this state law change would cost the state NOTHING.

2) Support legislation that requires approval by voters in a referendum before the City Council can pass a new tax, or raise an existing tax, for the purpose of dedicating these new public tax dollars to benefit a private entity.

3) Support legislation expanding the definition of a “persistently dangerous school” under the No Child Left Behind law so that parents in such schools can have more options for their children and so that the school system will know that if such schools are not improved, then parents can take their kids out and send them to another city school.

4) Support legislation to make it easier for cities like Richmond to use existing state laws such as the one promoting public/private sector cooperation sponsored by Henrico Senator Walter Stosch, the leader in this area, to get a desperately needed new City Jail.

5) Support legislation establishing a pilot state/local program in certain cities with the highest Virginia murder rates, to help booster the effort of local police, something that Richmond Delegate Frank Hall has suggested.

6) Support legislation, similar to the current state law sponsored by Newport News Senator Marty Williams, that forbids a lame-duck City Council from giving lucrative golden parachutes to certain top city officials as was done last year in Richmond when a lame-duck City Council gave city manager Calvin Jamison a $170000 golden parachute.

7) Support legislation that gives localities more power to deal with unruly behavior by public school students and to hold parents or guardians accountable for the disruptive public school behavior by these students.

8) Support legislation requiring everyone sent to prison for a drug crime to take periodic drug tests for 18 months after release from prison as this will help them stay off drugs, encourage them to get jobs, be productive members of society and thus a new law would not just fight crime but also serve as a rehabilitation measure.

9) Support legislation giving a refundable tax credit to low and moderate-income families to offset the increase in their taxes passed last year.

10) Support legislation giving localities incentives to replace old-style public housing projects with newer and more modern approaches to developing such housing projects.

~ the blue dog

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  1. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Jeesh, Blue Dog, get with the program. Only the activities of Russ Potts are of any interest. The media have decided that Kaine and Kilgore are paint drying. Potts is hit and run graffiti, the “Mr. Danger and Excitement” of Virginia politics. The media and assorted mischief makers have to get him to 15% and into the debates.

  2. Hmm…

    If that’s true, why is Russ “Mr. Independent” Potts, not driving that campaign bandwagon down Pro-choice Road.

    Oh, Duh! The other candidates, Kaine and Kilgore, have surrendered the issue.

    Russ Potts doesn’t have to hide, anymore.

    ~ the blue dog

  3. Allen from the Union Avatar
    Allen from the Union

    Folks, Russ Potts hasn’t been hiding. He’s the only one of the three making any sense. Just as the price of gas goes up does rent…TV cable..medicine..physician co-pays…milk..bread..paper towels.. you name it.”Stuff” often costs more and the competitive sector may not always be able to produce products at lower costs. The Chinese (with their huge need for oil) ,and asians as well as the hispanics, how long can we rely on them to do our dirty work? Okay.. I’m waiting for the reply from the right wingers…ah..let’s see..could it be the..COMMUNISTS?….. or the SOCIALISTS? blame? Maybe…SATAN!!(my respects to the Church-Lady)

  4. TheModerate Avatar

    Perhaps Potts gets good press because he speaks for himself.

    Unlike Kilgore & Kaine he is not fenced in behind some wall by his press people or campaign advisors. He speaks openly to the press and everything is on the table. We all know that can’t be said for Kilgore. Not sure about Kaine.

    I agree, the media gatekeepers want a 3-way debate and they are doing everything they can to make it happen. But more importantly, form a reporters point of view, Kaine & Kilgore are cookie cutter candidates running on push poll issues. THEY ARE BOREING!

    In regards to the post, just give localities more freedom under the Dillion Rule – something Potts has said he would do if elected.

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