Miami’s Most Iconic Hotel

A shout-out to our Richmond friend Roben Farzad, author of “Hotel Scarface,” a book about the Mutiny Hotel during the wild-and-woolly days when Miami was the cocaine capital of the world. Here we are, dude, we made the pilgrimage!

The hotel has been renovated since its “glory” days. No sign of Marielitos dripping with bling or long-legged waitresses in tight-fitting blouses — just some skinny Asian tourists, overweight American guests, and some very polite staff. The infamous nightclub is gone. No sign of cocaine anywhere (not that I’d know what to look for). But we did stop and have a nice bloody mary and cup of coffee by the pool.

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2 responses to “Miami’s Most Iconic Hotel”

  1. djrippert Avatar

    I forget … are you Crockett or Tubbs?

  2. mutiny19 Avatar

    Hotel Scarface is a great read and love the Mutiny Hotel.

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