Memo to Republicans

by Steven Sisson

Stop whining. If Tim Kaine is raising big bucks from out-of-state contributors, go out and find your own money. Or fix the campaign finance law.

It’s big news in the state. Tim Kaine is the “Five Million Dollar Man.”

Rumors had been floating around about a huge contribution windfall earmarked for Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign, which is looking more and more like the frontrunner in the race.

Contribution-wise, that is. More.

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  1. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Blue Dog, I’m sure Republicans appreciate your advice on how to run on the issue of campaign contributions.

    I think you need to review Mickey Kaus in Slate:

    The vast majority of money flowing to Democrats is now internet cash from the leftmost wing of the party. Those givers are not moderates and they don’t support moderates unless they know the “moderate” is just saying and doing what it takes to win.

    It’s no sin for Republicans to point out the political affiliation of this money and it’s not a stretch to associate the recipient of it with that affiliation. Lord knows Republicans get beat over the head for the affiliations of their contributors.

    Formerly “moderate” Democrats like Sen. Evan Bayh are feeling the heat of this trend, as shown by his surprising vote against the confirmation of Condi Rice. It won’t be long until Kaine and Warner have to make some noises to keep the internet givers interested. Republicans will be watching.

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