Meanwhile, in Bucolic Rappahannock County…

Rappahannock County winery.

Rappahannock County winery.

As the Newport News/Williamsburg Airport scandal reaches its denouement (see previous post), we also hear of troubles in rustic Rappahannock County, set in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains and described by the county website as “a scenic masterpiece made perfect by nature.”

From RappNews:

Rappahannock County Treasurer Debbie Knick is accusing her own county government of mismanagement, including failure to follow proper expense and payroll procedures and lack of oversight of budgeting and spending by senior county officials.

Among her grievances lodged to the supervisors, Knick cited cases of “overpayment” of county funds, including one recent instance involving former Rappahannock County Commonwealth’s Attorney Peter Luke and his successor Art Goff.

Bacon’s bottom line: The alleged abuses focus on the use of credits cards and county-owned automobiles. Admittedly, even if the allegations turn out to be justified, we’re talking about irregularities measured in the thousands of dollars, not millions or billions. Still, this grain of sand adds to what seems to be spreading fiscal carelessness and recklessness at every level.

(Hat tip: Tim Wise.)

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4 responses to “Meanwhile, in Bucolic Rappahannock County…

  1. In fairness to Rappahannock, this sounds a lot more like the 21st (or really late 20th) century catching up to a very rural county. It doesn’t sound like any true “misconduct” is alleged as much as there aren’t very good policies in place for county credit cards. With a population of 7,000, I’m sure that the local gov’t has been rather lax (and probably doesn’t have the staff) in developing detailed financial policies for the county.

  2. It also sounds like yet another episode in an long playing soap opera that been going on paradise out there among the horses and cattle along the Blue Ridge. Folks out there perhaps need more to do.

  3. Small towns and counties are charming. Until things go sour; then they are “small town.”

  4. otherwise known as “material weaknesses in internal controls”

    not that unusual for smaller localities with limited staff resources who
    may not be able to overcome the elected skullduggery

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