McDonnell Gains/Update: Deeds Gains

Bob McDonnell has reversed Creigh Deeds’ inexorable chipping away at his lead in the AG’s race.

McDonnell has gained one vote since the last SBE update. He now leads by 351 votes.

Update: As noted by a commentor, SBE has updated again and Deeds has restarted his pick-up. McDonnell now only leads by 341 votes.

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(comments below)


6 responses to “McDonnell Gains/Update: Deeds Gains”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I’ve considered the results, and anything over 200 votes is a mandate for McDonnell.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Oops, now it’s 341.

    Democrats aren’t that good at voting, are they……

  3. RightsideVA Avatar

    Just waiting for the Dem’s to find that magical missing ballot box with 5,000 ballots that they want to count “Their Way”

  4. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    I get a kick out of the “dueling transition office” stories. One of the main tasks in recent transitions is for the incoming AG and if available chief deputy to sit down and interview every attorney, a grueling but important introduction for everybody. Can they ask the staff lawyers to do it twice? Will they be really candid with someone who might NOT be their incoming boss after all? Perhaps they should conduct them jointly — Hi, we’re Bob and Creigh and one of us will be AG! (It even rhymes.)

    The other major task, of course, is to hire a chief deputy, and the various division deputies (or tell the ones in place they can stay.) How can an offer be made and accepted under these conditions?

    This delay is a shame. Not tragic, but a major pain in the rear. Count it down and lets move on. Why can’t we certify until the 28th? Why not this Monday?

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    “Why can’t we certify until the 28th? Why not this Monday?”

    1) Because the Code mandates the 4th Monday in November.

    2) Because the Dems need more time to “find” enough votes to give Deeds the lead he needs. (That rhymes, too!)

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    12:30 Friday, McDonald has gained 4 votes net, now hold commanding 345-vote lead.

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