McAuliffe Unhinged

by Kerry Dougherty

This is what happens when Democrat Terry McAuliffe gets tough questions from the press instead of his customary tongue bath:

This interview was taped last week by an ABC affiliate in Washington, WJLA 7News. The reporter, Nick Minock, interviewed Glenn Youngkin and McAuliffe, giving each candidate 20 minutes. McAuliffe stormed off after just 10 minutes, berating the reporter for not asking better questions as he left.

Not a good look.

Terry’s accustomed to being nuzzled by the lapdogs in the media who even have cute nicknames for him, like The Macker and T-Mac. So when Minock pressed McAuliffe on education the candidate became irritated. Apparently, his boneheaded quote from the last debate isn’t doing well with focus groups.

Here it is, the 12 words that are sinking his campaign: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

McAuliffe tried to change the subject, lashing out at Youngkin. As Minock began another line of questioning McAuliffe interrupted, stood up and hurled insults at the reporter.

“All right, we are over. That’s it. That’s it…” McAuliffe said, stalking off the set. “You should’ve asked better questions early on. You should’ve asked questions your viewers care about.“

“Well, we did,” Minock retorted.

This is not the demeanor of a man who wants to be governor or who thinks he’s going to win. It’s the slightly unhinged, irrational behavior of an arrogant candidate, indignant he actually has to campaign for office instead of being coronated.

McAuliffe’s nasty side has been on full display lately. On several occasions in the past week he snarled at folks who reminded him of his controversial remarks at the last debate.

“Are you vaccinated? “ he snapped when the subject was broached.

“Put a mask on,” McAuliffe screamed at one guy, who was outdoors.

Clearly, Democrats are used to having their way with the press. When a reporter dares to pose a tough question they shut it down.

Last Friday for instance, Gov. Ralph Northam abruptly ended a press availability when he was asked if he regretted signing HB257, the terrible law that allows school principals to cover up crimes in their schools and no doubt contributed to the cover up of sexual assaults in Loudoun County high schools this year.

In Arlington on Friday Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor also from 7News, attempted to ask Northam if he still thought the law was a great idea after learning that a student allegedly raped one girl and assaulted another in Loudoun. A member of McAuliffe’s media team intervened and put a stop to questions that could hurt the Democratic candidate.

Northam meekly went along with it.

“After the Governor answered two questions from other media outlets, Renzo Olivari, a member of former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s media team blocked 7 News from asking any questions.

“Awesome. Ok, thank you very much,” said Renzo Olivari with McAuliffe’s media team.

“Governor, I would like to ask you one question. I want to ask you about Loudon County,” asked Scott Taylor.

“I got to get back,” said Governor Northam.

Touchy, aren’t they?

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.