Mason-Dixon: 1 short take

Mark Warner is dominant, and, by implication, would beat Allen (like a baby seal?) head-to-head.

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(comments below)


  1. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Barnie, I’m not surprised by this poll and while it’s interesting, it’s absolutely meaningless.

    These two are not running against each other right now. Warner is coasting along on a valedictory sea of good will; Allen is voting on tough issues in the Senate.

    This might even be bad for Warner, if it coaxes him into a tough race. Even if he were to win, his presidential hopes would be dashed, as he would be a lowly Senate freshman having to make tough votes.

    It’s always easier being a Governor or even an ex-Governor when pursuing national office–you can pick your issues and avoid others. I think Allen wishes he were identified as an ex-Governor, instead of a Senator.

  2. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    I agree, Will. Who was last Senator to go to the Big House? Johnson? Ex-guvs have made regular stops. Carter, Reagan,
    Clinton, Bush, etc.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Baby seal? More like bull walrus. Be very careful if you approach him with a club in your hand.

  4. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    OK, how about Warner vs. Mike Tyson? Not now, but, y’know, in their prime.

  5. Laszlo Avatar

    Warner approval rating 74%

    Warner 47%
    Allen 42%

    Let’s keep those “meaningless” numbers coming in absolutely.

  6. The Jaded JD Avatar
    The Jaded JD

    Mr. Jaquith,

    Do you hate Gov. Warner’s ears so deeply?

  7. Who knows. I do know that Allen barely managed 52% against unpopular Chuck Robb.

    I also know that 99% of state workers (Will perhaps being the 1%) HATE this man. HATE him. HATE HIM HATE HIM HATE HIM.

    Why? Mainly because he hired his highest donors’ housewives to run state agencies.

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