Make No Mistake, Dems Oppose the Tax Cuts

John Whitbeck

by John Whitbeck

I read the guest piece from Alfredo Ortiz this week (“Comstock Supports the Tax Cuts. Do Her Democratic Foes?“) with a bit of a smile. Republicans are pleased to be the driving force behind tax cuts in America. While Mr. Ortiz might be uncertain about where Democrats in the 10th District stand, those of us who have spent any time around this far left crowd are not.

There is no better example than the Democratic forum in Winchester earlier this month. The candidates were near unanimous in their view that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the single worst piece of legislation to come out of  the Federal government since the Alien and Sedition Acts.

State Sen. Jennifer Wexton, D-Leesburg, made her position absolutely clear: “I think the first thing we should do is try to roll back the tax cuts,” she said. “I am loathe to cut spending.”

Alison Friedman didn’t mince words either, saying that “Congress must address the abomination that is this tax bill.”

Lindsay Davis Stover said the tax cuts — which have already seen Virginians taking home bigger paychecks — were actually a “tax increase.”

Deep Sran went even further: “Everything that is wrong is in this one piece of legislation,” he said.

Make no mistake: if any of these people are sent to Washington, D.C., they’re an absolute lock to vote for Nancy Tax-Cuts-Are-Armageddon Pelosi to be Speaker, and a lock to vote to repeal tax relief.

Regardless of who wins the primary in the 10th District, it will be interesting to see how quickly the nominee changes his or her tune. Democrat rhetoric on taxes has run face-first into the buzz saw of reality.

People all over Virginia who were told their taxes were going up are getting bigger paychecks, and voters who were told they sky would fall are now seeing higher wages, bonuses, and better benefits. Poll after poll shows that early Democrat efforts to paint the law as a tax hike are failing miserably.

Rhetoric aside, Virginians are seeing the truth every time they get a paycheck. Checks are getting bigger, benefits are getting better. Come November, voters will remember who voted for bigger paychecks, and who will vote against them.

John Whitbeck is chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

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10 responses to “Make No Mistake, Dems Oppose the Tax Cuts”

  1. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    More evidence that BR has become just a cog in the GOP PR machine, which I find discouraging.

    It will be interesting to watch this race because that part of the state did indeed benefit disproportionately from the tax bill, but those voters should also understand that the ballooning deficits thus created – and the failure to address the reasons behind them – make that tax bill at best a very mixed blessing. Especially since Trump push for tariffs will undercut any economic boost from the tax bill.

    (And I note Wexton has now cast two more votes against the Dominion Deregulation Bill, a point in her favor.)

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    The “cuts” people are receiving are being funded by deficits – not spending cuts.

    This is Kansas supply-side idiocy on steroids.

    tax cuts do NOT increase tax revenues… near as much as they “cost” in revenues. Virtually every credible economist confirms this.

    People hate taxes. People REALLY hate HIGH taxes.

    I DO TOO!

    but it’s childish and ignorant to cut taxes – and not cut equivalent spending.

    What the Dems are saying is – NOT that they won’t cut taxes – it’s WHERE to cut the spending… and they fear it will be to entitlements.

    One can disagree with the idea of taxes to pay for entitlements – it’s an honest political issue – but to cut taxes and not cut spending is just plain irresponsible.

    For as long as I can remember – the GOP was the “responsible” party when it came to the budget. The Dems well-earned their “tax and spend” label.

    But we all relied on the GOP “adults” to keep the US from becoming Greece.

    So now we have this – ignorance and idiocy – modeled after what they did a couple years back in Kansas…

    I’m shocked – SHOCKED that Mr. Boomergeddon himself is silent !!!

    Come on Jim B – get into this conversation!!!

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    and in Virginia – tax cuts?

    Au Contraire!

    Virginia is INCREASING taxes on folks with medical bills who itemize.

    ” Virginia Normally Conforms To Federal Tax Code: But Not For Some Medical Deductions”

    Republican Senator Emmett Hangar says Virginia typically chooses to follow the federal tax code. “That is, we take the basic outline of federal tax policy and we adopt that as Virginia tax policy.”

    But Hanger says Virginia is electing to take a different approach in some areas – like when it comes to medical deductions. Residents with a lot of medical expenses – worth 7.5% of one’s income – can write them off on their taxes at the federal level.

    Virginia is choosing to keep a higher threshold for those deductions, set at 10% – fearing a loss in state revenue otherwise.

  4. CrazyJD Avatar

    Imagine my surprise, Steve. It’s Jim Bacon’s fault, so we attack the messenger.

    >>The “cuts” people are receiving are being funded by deficits – not spending cuts…
    >>it’s childish and ignorant to cut taxes – and not cut equivalent spending.

    Agreed, Larry, but you notice how it’s Democrats like Jennifer Wexton, who are opposed to any spending cuts.
    –“I am loathe to cut spending.”

    You won’t get any argument from me that spending cuts must occur. But the simple math requires those cuts to come in entitlements, including my social security, because that’s where the real money is.

  5. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    Oh come on, he had just posted the exact same message earlier – there is even a link. If I want electioneering talk points I can go elsewhere. I come here for a discussion with a little meat, anyway…Bacon does not have the same brand at TRS or Blue Virginia, and needs to stay a bit higher up.

    In 1986 if became obvious that the Reagan era tax cuts would produce a windfall of state revenue, because of conformity on deductions (but no drop in rates.) We quickly backed Governor Baliles into a corner, and while he cut taxes they way he preferred, there was a state tax cut. What will come out of this effort well we just have to wait to see, but as noted now the GOP is in charge and being in charge it is a bit more attached to the revenue. No surprise. And as I noted, if there is a trade war started by Trump’s tariffs who knows what is coming next. Protectionism is not good….Uncertainty is not good.

  6. CrazyJD Avatar

    Good points all, but diminished when you start attacking Bacon.

  7. CrazyJD Avatar

    Just because you consider the points made to be “electioneering” does not make them more or less valid.

  8. Not everyone. I think mine is going up by almost 200.

  9. LarrytheG Avatar

    re: who will cut spending… versus – who will add to the deficit and debt.

    In years past – you would expect the GOP to advocate for a balanced budget – and no expansion of the deficit. The GOP was even opposed to the Obama stimulus on that very basis.

    Now the Dems have had no neverminds about the deficit and debt – that is their basic MO. The GOP , on the other hand, has been the party of fire and brimstone religion when it comes to deficits.. They routinely run against Dems on that very basis… that the Dems will raise your taxes and add to the debt.

    One time there was a politician who said there is not a dimes worth of difference between the GOP and the Dems… and you know.. that certainly seems to be the case now when it comes to deficit and debt.

    The only real difference is the Dems don’t want entitlements cut.. especially to give more money to defense… and the GOP is just fine with deficits to fund Defense and tax cuts.

    The hypocrisy comes in when the GOP claims they are the fiscally responsible party. No more… Charlatans they are – and proud of it because they have successfully convinced their rubes… er.. their “base”that all of that is just fine and dandy now.

  10. djrippert Avatar

    I assume that Jim Bacon would publish an article by Jennifer Wexton were she so inclined to submit one. If so, I see nothing wrong with publishing articles by Virginia Republicans. If the Democrats decide not to participate, that’s their decision.

    I would especially welcome a guest column from Dick Saslaw on ethics in government and “the Virginia Way”.

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