This Internet meme (hat tip: John Butcher) made me laugh.

The humor reflects the public’s growing impatience — dare I say agitation — at being cooped for nearly two months now. The rebellion against voluntary confinement is swelling. Over the past week I’ve observed more people walking outdoors in our neighborhood, and doing so in larger groups, as well as a significant increase in traffic on Henrico County roads and streets. Today looks like a beautiful, sun-shining spring day (early morning temperature 64°). I’m betting the lockdown rebels will be out in force. Here’s hoping they exercise appropriate social distancing and don’t trigger a rebound in COVID-19 that justifies a lengthier lockdown.


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(comments below)


10 responses to “Lockdown Rebellion”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    My bet is that most of the “rebels” are not “liberals”…. right?

    my bet is that most of those who say “open up” or go hide under your bed are not Dems/Independents either.

    In fact, most other countries also DON’T have protestors parading in the streets and State capitols carrying weapons….

    Folks like Anthony Fauci , Bill Gates, and Deborah Birx are being vilified on social and broadcast media, receiving threats and having to have security guards…

    yep, gotta love those “rebels”.

    1. TooManyTaxes Avatar

      I wear a mask when I go into a building with people inside. I don’t wear a mask when I go for walks in the neighborhood. I see lots of people walking; few wear masks. I don’t ask how they vote and they don’t ask me. Generally, we wave or, perhaps, say hello.

      The United States was founded by rebellious people. Why should we expect that to go away, especially when most people cannot get unbiased facts when they turn on their TV or radio?

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        @TMT – were those folks being “rebels” in the streets wearing masks?

        Yes.. the US was founded by “rebels” – but there is a time to be an adult and there is a time to be a child and children throw fits when their world is not what they want.

        “rebellion” during a pandemic is tantamount to anarchy… and it’s going on when more than 80% of the rest of us are being “adult” about what is happening to us. Some of us behave intelligently and these days we have another set of folks who are acting like children.

        NO ONE likes our predicament right now – we hate it – but we ought not be acting like spoiled kids throwing tantrums because we don’t like it much less making this about partisan politics… shame.

        1. TooManyTaxes Avatar

          I’m not attempting to justify anyone’s behavior. I’m just explaining that Americans are very different from people from many other nations.

          As I’ve written a number of times, we all have free will and the ability to make choices. Some are stupid.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            TMT – we LIKE to THINK we are “different” and we use that to justify things like protestors in the streets carrying weapons – which is NOT that different from some third world countries but as far as I know almost no other countries are reacting with guns in the streets to the pandemic. That’s not a ‘different” behavior to point to with pride IMHO.

          2. TooManyTaxes Avatar

            I’ve had some enjoyable trips to Europe. But I wouldn’t live there for Jeff Bezo’s wealth. Many live under strict government controls. I like my freedom. I like it that my neighbors have the same freedom.

            I don’t own any modern weapons; my son does. And I fully respect the ability of people to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, which the overwhelming majority do peacefully. I wouldn’t want to live in a nation where people did not have the right to own and bear firearms.

            What irritates me is the effort to take away those rights even as many of the same people fret and stew about keeping convicted murderers serving life sentences.

            Much like those who support the right to abortion say, “If you don’t like abortion, don’t get one.” If you don’t like firearms, don’t own one. What’s the difference?

          3. LarrytheG Avatar

            TMT – I do not disagree with much of what you said but I would ask you if you minded if the guy next door to you had weapons like fully-automatic 50 cal weapons, bazookas, stinger missile, grenades? ,etc?

            Do you believe there should be restrictions on the TYPES of weapons?

    2. Nancy_Naive Avatar

      Remember when a government employee was threatened and he spent $16,000 on a home security system? That was Ollie North threatened by Abu Nidal.

      Now it’s a doctor and Joe Sixpack.

  2. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    I’ve been through the same aisle at Kroger about the same time every Saturday morning. The clerk and I have had a running conversation. Today he leaned in and confided through his mask, “I really don’t think it’s as bad as they say.” I’d just been by the very-well stocked meat counter, proving the current Big Lie from the Fake News Media about shortages there…..(they always show the images from back in March.)

    Sure I’m wearing a mask, too, but I’m 65 and have had open heart surgery, and haven’t had a decent workout in six weeks. I’m actually a bit surprised that about 1/3 of identified D’s are not masking up. They aren’t listening to you either, Larry. Nor is this guy:

  3. LarrytheG Avatar

    Don’t know if folks saw this:

    ” Aldi store in Spotsylvania has outbreak of COVID-19 cases; Caroline man dead from virus

    Multiple workers at Aldi at Four Mile Fork tested positive for COVID-19.

    The Rappahannock Area Health District has reached two grim milestones: the first outbreak of multiple COVID-19 cases in one place—at an Aldi store in Spotsylvania County—and the 10th local fatality.

    Meanwhile, all workers from the Aldi grocery store at Four Mile Fork in Spotsylvania were sent home to self-quarantine as “multiple employees” there have tested positive for COVID-19, stated Philip Roades, Aldi corporate manager.

    Roades didn’t say how many workers have confirmed cases, but Aldi said late Thursday that seven people have been sickened by the coronavirus. The store was closed temporarily Tuesday for a deep cleaning by an outside party and “has reopened with employees from other nearby Aldi locations,” Roades stated in an email.

    All workers in quarantine are on paid leave, according to the statement, which added the store has partnered with local health officials and is following their advice as well as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

    The incident at Aldi is the local health district’s first outbreak. While there’s been a lot of national news about outbreaks in long-term care facilities, the Virginia Department of Health defines a confirmed outbreak as two cases linked by a person, place or time outside of a household, said Allison Balmes–John, spokesperson for the local health district.”

    Now… suppose this happened at a Kroger store and it had to close.

    where would those customers then go?

    what if another store had to close over the virus?

    can you see how this might play out in a really bad way?

    we all have our own individual suspects… but reality has a way to bring that back to reality – at least for some…….

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