Liberals’ Nasty Authoritarian Streak

by Kerry Dougherty

This, friends, is an actual headline in an actual daily newspaper. It ran yesterday over a “news story” about Tuesday’s Virginia Beach School Board meeting:

After hours of vitriol and misinformation, Virginia Beach School Board votes to make masks mandatory for students, staff


That’s liberal newspeak for any statement or point of view that diverges from the party line being spouted by Anthony Fauci and the CDC.

They’re infallible, apparently. No disagreement with them will be brooked by corporate media. To challenge the government is to spread misinformation.

More proof — if any were needed — that objectivity in the mainstream media is dead. Increasingly, they censor and mock opinions that are not government-approved. Is it any wonder that newspapers are circling the drain while alternative news sources are flourishing?

Look, there were approximately 70 speakers at Tuesday’s meeting. The majority opposed a mask mandate for schools.

The mood was heated and some parents were emotional and rude. In a way, it’s understandable. These frustrated parents knew that no matter what was said, the vote would be 7 for mandatory masks, 4 against.

This public hearing, like most held by this school board and others, was pure theater. While the board is required to hold hearings, there is no requirement that members actually listen to the public.

The rudest audience members were the ones who were featured in the story, of course. I saw no mention of several physicians who argued that cloth masks are not useful in preventing spread of the virus and that slapping masks on little faces for seven hours a day could be detrimental to the health and development of children.

That’s “misinformation.” It must not be reported.

When the speakers were finished, close to 1 a.m., a vote was taken. And the results were exactly what everyone knew they would be: 7 for mandatory masks, 4 against.

As an aside, it ought to be illegal for elected bodies to vote on issues after midnight. The people’s business should be conducted when the people are awake.

It’s worth noting that the majority on this board also worked tirelessly to keep schools closed last year. They ignored pleas of some of these same distraught parents to get teachers back to the classrooms.

The board’s reasoning at the time: Teachers were in danger from children who might give them the virus.

So Beach teachers were first in line for vaccines last winter. They elbowed cancer patients and seniors out of the way to get their shots. Yet the teachers unions — er, associations — who control the school board now want children in masks even though teachers are vaccinated and vaccines have been shown to prevent serious illness.

School boards in Chesapeake, York County, Spotsylvania, Frederick and Hanover County have boldly voted to make masks optional in their school districts. The governor issued a veiled threat last week warning that they should consult their lawyers before allowing parents to decide what’s best for their own kids.

That wasn’t good enough for the local paper. In an editorial, the newspaper begged the governor to mandate masks in every public school in Virginia.

Shoot, Fauci wants sweeping vaccine mandates. Earlier this week he pooh-poohed our quaint American attachment to individual liberty when he endorsed mandatory shots for educators.

“I’m sorry, I mean I know people must like to have their individual freedom and not be told to do something, but I think we’re in such a serious situation now that, under certain circumstances, mandates should be done,” he said.

To paraphrase columnist Glenn Greenwald, there has always been a nasty authoritarian streak in liberals.

The pandemic just gave them a license to act on it.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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34 responses to “Liberals’ Nasty Authoritarian Streak”

  1. Carson Martin Avatar
    Carson Martin

    A lovely morning for tilting at windmills (or strawmen). “News headline uses the word “misinformation” to refer to my point of view therefore Liberals are authoritarian, whether I am misinformed is immaterial to this clear fact!” #conservativesnowflakes #stickwithfox #brietbartmoreyourspeed #a+b=purple

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      You do realize you’re talking about Little Miss Can’t-Be-Wrong, right?

    2. Matt Adams Avatar
      Matt Adams

      It is fairly evident you don’t know what a “strwaman” is.

      PS: hashtags are includes in programming and prior to that they meant “pound”

  2. Kathleen Smith Avatar
    Kathleen Smith

    There is always the home schooling list, oh, it has a waiting list because parents who vaccinated their children are on it for good reason – your lot is too risky with their children’s health. Public schools are just that, public. The benefit of all must be considered. The board is elected by the people. Their vote is for the people. It is a democracy.

    1. Matt Adams Avatar
      Matt Adams

      “There is always the home schooling list, oh, it has a waiting list because parents who vaccinated their children are on it for good reason – your lot is too risky with their children’s health”

      How does one vaccinate a child when those under 12 aren’t covered by the EUA?

      “- your lot is too risky with their children’s health.”

      If your child is vaccinated then those who are not aren’t “risky” to their health.

      “The board is elected by the people. Their vote is for the people.”

      The very people who were at this meeting are those who elected these officials, the hearings are so that the boards members can be made aware of the concerns of their constituents. Thus they can vote accordingly, I don’t think you have any understanding of how a democracy functions or is supposed to function.

    2. tmtfairfax Avatar

      But you forget Roe v Wade and its progeny that hold people have the constitutional right to make fundamental decisions about their health care and, presumably, that of their underage children, in most situations without interference from the government. Generally, be vaccinated or wear a mask seems to me to be a reasonable rule that does not overly conflict with one’s constitutional rights. But if a child is fully vaccinated, there is no medical reason to require a mask. Remember, in the early days of the pandemic, our public health officials downplayed the value of masks. And, by dispensing with the mask requirement in schools for those fully vaccinated, parents and their children have an incentive to get vaccinated.

      1. DJRippert Avatar

        Please stop confusing liberals with logic. The US Constitution has an implicit right to privacy when it pertains to killing unborn children but that right disappears when it comes to vax mandates.

        1. True, DJ, but shopping and dining and gatherings where vaccination matters to others are public activities, whereas killing unborn children is usually done in private.

          1. DJRippert Avatar

            Private except for the unborn child.

            Let’s be honest – the masks didn’t work. States with strict mask mandates are in just as much trouble with the Delta variant as states where masks were never mandated.

            Apparently the vaccines didn’t work either.

            No herd immunity from the Delta variant, even with vaccines.


          2. DJRippert Avatar

            I am amending my own comment. Instead of “the masks didn’t work” I’ll substitute “the mask mandates didn’t work”.

          3. LarrytheG Avatar

            at all?

          4. Packer Fan Avatar
            Packer Fan

            If one is OK with killing babies, they really don’t need to be yapping about how upset they are about the “lives that could be/could have been saved” if masks were worn or everyone got their vaccines.

  3. One man’s “vitriol and misinformation” is another man’s “righteous wrath and indignation.” When newspapers editorialize like the V-P did in its headline by so obviously taking sides, it does a huge dis-service. Taking sides is the job — or it used to be — of the editorial page. Now there is no distinction between news and editorializing. That’s fine for a blog like Bacon’s Rebellion — we’re open and honest about who we are and what we do — but not for a daily newspaper with a long journalistic tradition like the Pilot.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      That’s Grade A BS given what right leaning media has been doing for quite some time. What do you call FOX News or NewsMax or other Conservative media doing these days.

      What the Pilot reported – Vitriol – was TRUE – you can see it on videos… and if someone gets up and says something that is not true – what’s the right way to report that?

      Media used to not report that – I agree but now – disinformation and misinformation has become the language of more than a few folks and in my mind, it needs to be called out when it occurs.

      If the Chief of Police gets up and tells a lie – there are usually serious consequences. But now, a range of folks just repeats obvious lies – imagine doing this in a public meeting and your kids are watching you.

      1. DJRippert Avatar

        Where did Jim ever say anything about right vs left? He criticized the media … not the right-leaning media or the left-leaning media.

        Please try to understand comments before you criticize them.

    2. Eric the half a troll Avatar
      Eric the half a troll

      “We can criticize ‘the media’ because we are not really ‘the media’”? That is your hypocrisy loophole, JAB?

      1. Matt Adams Avatar
        Matt Adams

        JAB doesn’t profess to be an unbiased journalist, a good number of those whom you slobber over do and they are not.

        1. DJRippert Avatar

          And … BaconsRebellion is one of the very few political blogs where liberal and conservative views are published.

          I’d like to see more left-leaning articles on this blog because the majority are right-leaning.

          We need Peter Galuszka back to join Dick Sizemore-Hall.

          1. LarrytheG Avatar

            Peter left for a reason. Personal Attacks.
            It’s what Conservatives can’t seem to help themselves from doing and actually what do you expect when the original blog post uses pejoratives and name-calling often?

            I will say – cross my fingers – that of late the personal attacks have gotten fewer in number and SOME of the blog posts have trended back to issues and less demonization of “libtwits”, “leftists”, and worse.

            Right DJ?

          2. Matt Adams Avatar
            Matt Adams

            Crying about personal attacks when conducting a personal attack. That’s some rich irony right there Mr. Lack of self-awareness.

            If you want to discuss personal attacks and Peter, we can discuss how he threatened to sue me (because I called him out using public knowledge) via communication on a private e-mail I didn’t give him.

          3. DJRippert Avatar

            I don’t generally make personal attacks against people on this blog unless I feel I have been personally attacked first. In the heat of argument do I sometimes slip on this? Yes. Public figures are another matter. They put themselves out there. If they can’t stand the heat they should leave the kitchen. Ideologies are also another matter. Calling a bad liberal idea “libtwittery” is not a personal attack because an ideology is not a person.

            I try to be more even handed in articles than in comments.

            I am also one of the very few (maybe the only) author on this blog who doesn’t always argue either conservative or liberal sides. I have come out strongly against the death penalty and for the legalization of adult recreational marijuana for example. I have blasted Northam and Goodlatte. In turn, I have been blasted by conservatives and liberals. No problem to me.

          4. Matt Adams Avatar
            Matt Adams

            Mr. Sizemore-Hall researches his posts and they are very well written, I may not agree with his conclusions or how he goes about it, but he’s very well written.

            I don’t particularly care for either side, because they only believe in absolutes and show their authoritarian head when given the opportunity.

            I have no use for posters who attack others or the authors based upon who the author is rather than the merits of the article.

      2. LarrytheG Avatar

        Indeed. Although in the not too recent past, the nose was out of joint because VPAP would not carry BR in the “news” section, felt it was opinion.

        But now JAB takes pride that he can do what other right leaning media does these days.

        tsk tsk

        1. Who is “the nose”?


  4. Simple self-identify as a ‘sophisticated’ Illegal Alien [Criminal foreigner who broke into this country] and the C-19 rules won’t apply to you. If boys can identify as girls and be supported by the school boards, this must be allowed as well.

  5. DJRippert Avatar

    Mark my words … fifty years from now the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol will be seen as the equivalent of John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry.

    It’s coming.

    A famous Virginian once wrote …

    “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

    America’s liberals and their tyrannical leaders are playing with fire.

    I don’t want to see violence or another revolution but I am armed to the teeth just in case.

    As for Jefferson – 1865 + 150 = 2015. We’re 6 years past due.

  6. As an aside, it ought to be illegal for elected bodies to vote on issues after midnight. The people’s business should be conducted when the people are awake.

    Give me a break. If they cut the meeting short so everyone could be in bed by midnight you’d complain that they refused to listen to everyone who wanted to speak.

    I’ve attended public meetings that lasted until nearly 3:00 am and then had to be to work by 7:00 am. It’s part of being an informed and engaged citizen.

    Nobody ever said our republican form of government was going to be pretty or easy, and nobody ever said rights are not coupled with responsibilities – or at any rate they shouldn’t have ever said it.

  7. LarrytheG Avatar

    re: ” The mood was heated and some parents were emotional and rude. In a way, it’s understandable.”

    How so? Maybe in Kerry’s world but it’s unacceptable behavior no matter the issue and we’re seeing more and more it from PARENTS OF KIDS. These folks are raising kids and modelling this behavior because “it’s understandable”.

    re: ” newspapers are circling the drain while alternative news sources are flourishing?” So WHERE is those “alternative news sources”? Let me guess – Facebook!

    re: ” it ought to be illegal for elected bodies to vote on issues after midnight. The people’s business should be conducted when the people are awake.”

    Yes, damned if you do. Stay and give the ALL the rude full opportunity to spew their vitriol, then don’t vote because it’s too late?

    I’m actually glad that JAB prints Kerry’s stuff. Now, we’re starting to see actual videos of these folks in action.

  8. Kathleen Smith Avatar
    Kathleen Smith

    Yesterday, I went school shopping with my granddaughter. I am a very short and porky build. Wearing a mask in a store at my age tires me out. I had a hard time breathing. I am vaccinated so I could taken off the mask. I didn’t. For my health and the health of others. I didn’t have to go into the store. I chose too. So I had to suck it up. My choice, my plan. I get you are unhappy without a choice, but in a school, unlike a store, kids don’t make the choices, the adults do.

    1. Nancy Naive Avatar
      Nancy Naive

      Love your little doggie. Bet he’s a pistol.

      Yeah, Kerry lights her stogies on the elevator.

    2. LarrytheG Avatar

      Walked into WalMart yesterday and a lady offered me a mask and I was embarassed because I had forgotten that Walmart was returning to masks. I gladly accepted, saved me a trip back to the car. But then I saw others in the store who were not masked and knew they refused.

      I went to a GOvt meeting last night. It was the first time in months that we met in-person. Not everyone had a mask on but then one of the unmasked wanted to make a motion that that agency institute a policy that the building would be off limtis to anyone without the vaccine!

      It was an odd discussion to say the least. Turned out he’d been vaccinated and refuses to wear a mask. The rest of us were likely vaccinated and wore masks basically because it is recommended and we try to basically go along and not disrupt.

      Strangely enough there is also no vitriol and disinformation in those meetings – and yes we had public comment and the guy was cut off after 3 minutes… and later he asked a question during a subsequent presentation and was told that he could not do that because it was outside of public speaking period.

  9. Nancy Naive Avatar
    Nancy Naive

    Don’t have to wear a mask while playing your guitar.

  10. Nancy Naive Avatar
    Nancy Naive

    Gee, Kerry… tell me the bedtime story about children being naturally immune again.

    How many times do you have to be wrong before you shut up about things of which you do not know?

  11. 15 days to slow the spread morphed into 1.5 years with looming draconian lockdowns to force you to be good little sheep. Whether you believe vaccines and dust masks are a great prescription toward herd immunity (the only real solution) having the police state enforce every pronouncement of Fauci and the Pharmaceutical dictators (how much have they made?: information unavailable) in an effort to stop the unstoppable CoV2 before it does actually kill more people than the common cold, is not only un-American it is wrong.

    I would worry more about what comes next, after the sheep are all in lockstep, and everyone is accustomed to taking orders from Pfizer, CoV3;4;5;10 when everyone’s immune system is compromised by round after round of vaccines that have precisely zero long term studies. This is all brought to you by the same people who brought you a cure for the swine flu 400+ deaths from vaccine 1 from the swine flu.

    I am about to receive a lot of hate from you Bacon Rebellion columnists but I don’t care because, after all we have been through, any one who follows the knee jerk response recommended by the purveyors of scare tactics, deserve what they give you.

    Remember we have destroyed our world over a disease that has killed .03% of the people it infects and school age children are virtually unaffected except now that their immune systems are disrupted, who knows.

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