Let’s Get Moving on Fort Monroe

The Daily Press is reporting that a rift is developing between local and state officials on how to develop Fort Monroe. The state has a big say-so because half the property reverts to the state when the U.S. Army shuts down its operations there in 2011. The controversy arises from disagreements in the Memorandum of Understanding that would set the guidelines and goals of the city-state partnership.

Let’s hope they get it sorted out. The City of Hampton is defining a compelling vision for the property. Essentials include:

  • Preservation of historic structures.
  • Expansion of the marina, opening of the beach and development of a waterfront esplanade. (I confess, I had to look up “esplanade” in a dictionary: It’s a stretch of paved or grassy ground designed for walking along a shore.)
  • Mixed land uses and building types.
  • Blending of culture, commerce, workplaces, housing, tourism and lodging.

In sum, the vision is to create an urban gem with a distinct sense of historical and geographic place. The re-developed Fort Monroe, I would expect, will be capable of sustaining some of the highest per-square-foot property values in Hampton Roads.

This is a case where federal divestment of an antiquated military facility will result in an enormous plus for the community.

(Hat tip to Kevin Grierson for pointing me to the Hampton presentation.)

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2 responses to “Let’s Get Moving on Fort Monroe”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    At the risk of being a ‘debbie downer’, global warming is going to put it all underwater in 20 years anyway.

  2. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Jim: You beat me to it. Maybe I’ll post with the rest of the story. I’ve had the info for the competing vision – perhaps a better vision for Ft Monroe.

    The issue is, as usual, power. Who will make the decisions about hundreds of millions of dollars – is at stake.

    I’ll post later.

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