Let-Em-Out-of-Jail Policy Ends in Tragedy

by Kerry Dougherty

Last spring, at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that he wanted to release about 2,000 state prisoners to save them from the pandemic that promised to turn the prisons into COVID-19 killing fields.

These would be inmates with less than a year to serve and who were not deemed to be public safety menaces. He urged local officials to do the same with their jails.

As it turned out, predictions of mass deaths in correctional facilities were wrong.

So were promises that only non-violent offenders would be freed. In fact, the parole board embarked on a freeing frenzy of convicted killers. And at least one judge made a fatal mistake by freeing a violent detainee.

Oh, and guess how many inmates — in all of Virginia’s prisons and jails — have died of COVID-19?

Last time I checked – yesterday – the number stood at 15.

Perhaps you heard over the weekend about the murder of Karla Elizabeth Dominguez Gonzalez of Alexandria. Police say she was shot to death on July 29 by the man who was charged with raping, abducting and attempting to strangle her last year.

That man, Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, 33, should be sitting in a jail cell waiting for his trial on six felony charges. Instead, he was released in the wave of COVID-19 hysteria that’s swept Virginia.

In April, Circuit Court Judge Nolan “What Was He Thinking” Dawkins, who has since retired, released Bouaichi on a $25,000 bond with the stipulation that the accused rapist could leave his Maryland home to only meet with lawyers. Prosecutors objected to the release, but lawyers for Bouaichi argued that their client’s health was in danger and so was theirs when they visited him.

Yet The Washington Post reports that there had not been a single case of the coronavirus in the Alexandria jail at the time of Bouaichi’s release. The judge did not order him to be electronically monitored.


Within a month, Bouaichi was arrested again. This time at a Beltsville, Md., Wendy’s where he rammed a police car and was charged with four counts of assault, drunk driving and harming a police dog.

He was released from jail there, too, after one night. Apparently cell doors are swinging open everywhere.

Two months later Ms. Gonzalez was gunned down outside her Alexandria apartment.

After a manhunt and pursuit by federal marshals in Prince George’s County, Md., last Wednesday, Bouaichi crashed his car and shot himself. He died on Saturday.

He isn’t the only violent criminal freed during the coronavirus crisis.

The parole board – which was just spanked by Virginia’s inspector general for violating policy after policy for its release of cop killer Vincent Martin — has been busy releasing murderers.

There was Debra Scribner, freed after serving only 8 years of her 23 year sentence for murder. Killers Donald Lee Brooks, Dwayne Markee Reid, and Horace Eugene Burnette III are out. So is  Patrick Schooley Jr. who raped, abducted and stabbed to death a 78-year-old woman and who was serving three life sentences.

All free. Back in our communities.

Enough already.

News flash: Prisoners are not dying of the virus. Mask ‘em up and keep them behind bars. The public has enough to worry about without criminals on the loose.

This column was republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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17 responses to “Let-Em-Out-of-Jail Policy Ends in Tragedy”

  1. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    72 year old Canadian just died at private Farmville immigration jail where the vast majority of inmates are infected. Any word from you about that?

  2. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    It is not clear where Kerry is getting her information regarding the reason that this man was released on bond.

    The real problem lies with the Maryland incident. He was obviously violating the terms of his bond when he committed the offenses there. Someone should be asking if the Maryland police and courts knew about the pending charge in Virginia and, if they did not know, then why did they not know.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      Maybe. The story I read claimed that the single witness to Bouaichi’s misdeeds leading to his arrest recanted. In my mind, that might be cause to dismiss the case for lack of evidence. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the judge allowed release on bond. Do judges handicap the odds of conviction and then use those odds to determine whether or not to grant bail? Or is bail meant to allow those with a limited chance of committing mayhem to be freed prior to their trial? Clearly this criminal was a danger to society. No amount of liberal double talk can change that reality. Given that he rammed a police car and then killed himself after killing his accuser it’s hard to imagine that his impaired mental functioning wasn’t obvious to everybody including Judge Nolan.

      Today’s trivia question for liberals – If police shouldn’t have qualified immunity why should judges?

      1. CrazyJD Avatar

        >>Do judges handicap the odds of conviction and then use those odds to determine whether or not to grant bail?>>

        They kinda do under Virginia law, not on “whether” to grant bail, but on amount of bail. See Code 19.2-121(iii) “the weight of the evidence” The two concepts often get mixed up in a judge’s mind.

      2. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
        Dick Hall-Sizemore

        It seems that you want to have it both ways. The single witness recants and, therefore, it should be dismissed. Then, you argue that he was “clearly” a danger to society and should have been retained.

        Basically, the decision to release someone on bail is based on a determination as to whether the accused is a risk not to show up for his trial and whether the accused represents a threat to public safety. There are exceptions and some more complicating factors, but those are the basics.

  3. TooManyTaxes Avatar

    Many Democrats put the interests of criminals and illegal immigrants over those of law-abiding citizens and legal residents. And remain silent about the failure of Minneapolis’ left-wing mayor who failed to identify and remove police officers with bad records.

    And, since the Post’s editorials cover the world, its silence about Mayor Jacob Frey can only be interpreted to be acceptable. Similar to its acceptance of rapist Bill Clinton. I believe Juanita Brodderick.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      Where is the liberal outpouring of outrage over the pedophilia that has apparently been going on for decades at Epsteins’ Pedo Island? Where are the mainstream media and the usual litany of under-educated celebrities demanding justice “for the children”? I guess they are hiding under the same rock where the #believewomen adherents went after the accusations against Justin Fairfax.

  4. Nancy_Naive Avatar

    (Cue harp music)
    (screen goes all wobbly)
    Dateline Washington 7/12/2024
    “In a surprise decision this morning, the Supreme Court upheld President Susan Rice’s Executive Order setting aside the Hyde Amendment for Planned Parenhood allowing unrestricted use of Federal funds.

    Writing on behalf of the 6 to 5 majority, Justices Harris and Cortez were joined by the other 3 women Justices and Kennedy in affirming the Roberts ruling made in 2020 affirming the use of “Absolute Presidental Authority” use by President Trump in the last months of his term to dissolve Social Security an Medicare by removing the payroll tax.

    The suit was filed by the last two remaining Republican senators, Romney and Rubio.

    1. djrippert Avatar

      Interesting that you don’t see Biggest Imbecile Democrats Ever Nominated (B.I.D.E.N.) completing his term. Do you see him dying of natural causes? If so, any guess as to what malady? Something to do with diminished mental capacity? Or, will he be removed through use of the 25th Amendment since he’s not really the Democratic candidate, even now?

      Hopelessly unqualified candidate or Democratic con job?

      1. Nancy_Naive Avatar

        I see him doing what your boy should have done on February 1st 2017.

        1. djrippert Avatar

          So, fake an election and then almost immediately resign? Got it – both a hopelessly unqualified candidate and a Democratic con job. Why not just nominate Susan Rice for president now? Too honest and straightforward for the liberal mind to contemplate?

  5. Nancy_Naive Avatar

    I wonder what it is like to sip morning coffee as the sun rises on the covered deck overlooking the beach, and reflect bitterly on the world?

    1. VDOTyranny Avatar

      You must be planning a vacation

      1. Nancy_Naive Avatar

        I, sir, reflect snarkily.

        1. idiocracy Avatar

          I’m sure that living in Virginia gives you plenty of opportunities for that.

          1. Nancy_Naive Avatar

            400 years of tradition unhampered by progress!

        2. idiocracy Avatar

          unhampered by progress, facilitated by Federal largesse…

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