Leslie Byrne worse than Panny Rhodes!

Oh double democratic hockey sticks! Former DPVA chair Paul Goldman dissed Byrne back in 2002. Holy cow! Has the Democratic LG seat been sold down the James River!


Goldman wrote:
“They call me Governor Gridlock! Who gave me that name, that guy Goldman with the big mouth? He put the “Tax Governor” tag on Baliles, desperate to save Wilder’s bacon. He was right: it was otherwise sure defeat for Wilder, just like it was for Beyer when he waffled on taxes against me.
No, it wasn’t Goldman, he ain’t smart enough to think of the Gridlock thing. He got lucky with Wilder. No, it was Leslie Byrne, the senator from Fairfax.
She is worse than Panny Rhodes, the former delegate from Richmond I helped redistrict out of her General Assembly seat as punishment for opposing me. Come to think, I did the same thing to Leslie Byrne, too! We redistricted her out of her Senate seat for the 2003 election.

That will teach her to call me Governor Gridlock. Leslie, baby, think of that while being stuck in traffic up here! You will have plenty of extra time!”

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  1. Ben Tribbett Avatar
    Ben Tribbett

    How is that a diss??? He was writing that as 1st person satire from Jim Gilmore.

  2. Steven Avatar

    Go to the head of the class…

    ~ the blue dog

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