Should Lawmakers Cap College Tuition Increases?

Now for something totally different — the first poll in the 14-year history of Bacon’s Rebellion!

I would say that I offer this poll in response to popular demand, but that would be misleading. No one but Bacon’s Rebellion‘s skeptic-in-chief, Larry Gross, AKA LarrytheG, has been agitating for polls. Moreover, I know that I will catch unmitigated grief for biasing the results by the way I frame the poll questions, thus creating another set of headaches for myself! But I plunge ahead in the conviction that polls will increase reader engagement. Indeed, I would go one step further and invite readers to compose their own poll questions and responses. I will happily consider them.

Accordingly, I have concocted the following in response to Larry’s challenge in a comment on the previous blog post to address the following topic:

[Total_Soft_Poll id=”2″]

It goes without saying, please vote only once. If I find evidence of cheating, I will have to search for a poll that restricts voters to those who register with the blog, which makes it more laborious for readers to participate, and it means I’ll be spending more time on technology/administrative tasks at which I am incompetent and less time writing blog posts for all the world to enjoy.

Update: I encourage you to elaborate upon the reasons for your vote in the comments section.

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(comments below)


3 responses to “Should Lawmakers Cap College Tuition Increases?”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    very cool! perhaps you might consider polls from time to time.. and maybe even post them to Twitter!! and invite them to come and comment in the blog!

    looks like so far half are in favor of the govt putting caps on tuition…

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    just want to point out that “agitator’ is a paid-for thing here in BR.


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    no ugly remarks..from the peanut gallery please..

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  3. The reason I voted no is that a bill like this, without any consideration for financial impacts or state funding offsets (i.e. a real policy rather than a political gesture), is really the equivalent of the unfunded mandates that send repercussions and unintended consequences throughout the system.

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