The Latest Wrinkles on State Energy Policy…

Dominion has cleared an important environmental hurdle in its request for regulatory approval to build a new nuclear power plant, the Associated Press reports. Federal regulators will make a decision whether to grant a permit in late 2007. Dominion hasn’t decided whether it wants to build the plant, but it wants to keep its options open.

Meanwhile, Dominion needs 300 megawatts more power to serve fast-growing Northern Virginia, reports Greg Edwards with the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The company has made plans for a power plant to serve that area during peak demand. … First, though, Dominion Virginia Power wants to see if there is a better and cheaper way to meet its needs.

The company has put out a request for bids to see if someone else can offer a better plan for providing the electricity. Or, as an alternative, it will accept proposals for managing electricity demand in Northern Virginia so that a new plant would become

I appreciate the fact that Dominion is soliciting proposals rather than presuming that it can do the job better than anyone else. It would be nice, though, it the company would consider other options such as, oh, I don’t know… conservation! A more aggressive time-of-day pricing plan might eliminate the need to build a new power plant entirely.

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3 responses to “The Latest Wrinkles on State Energy Policy…”

  1. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    I’m confused.

    “The company … as an alternative, it will accept proposals for managing electricity demand in Northern Virginia so that a new plant would become unnecessary.”

    Well Dominion “requests solicitations” … PG&E takes the bulls by the horn…

    PG&E Launches SmartMeter(TM) Program in Bakersfield Today

    First of 10.3 Million SmartMeter(TM) Meters Installed in Program Offering Faster Power Outage Restoration, Peak Load Reduction, More Customer Options to Save on Energy Bills

    SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — At a customer’s home in Bakersfield this morning, leaders from PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission celebrated the installation of Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s first SmartMeter(TM) electric and gas meters, kicking off a five- year program to deploy 10.3 million new meters throughout the utility’s service area. The SmartMeter(TM) program will eventually offer a wide range of customer service benefits while reducing utility costs and giving customers more options to save on energy bills.

    this would seem to be an opportunity for Dominion to begin a NoVa pilot project…. it could save them a new power plant .. AND having to run more power lines…

  2. When Dominion customers are paying as much as PG&E customers, then they will be lining up to get smartmeters installed.

    Of course,oneo of the reasons PG&E customers pay so much is because of CAlifornia’s whacky conservation laws.

    Mind you , I have nothing against conservation, I’d be more than happy to see most exterior lighting extinguished in favor of dark skys. But there is a big difference between conservation and doing without that which is dearly needed.

  3. Jim Patrick Avatar
    Jim Patrick

    You all need to look at numbers; ‘feelings’ about quantities (megawatts of electricity) will not forestall rolling blackouts.

    By both NERC and Dominion’s calculations —reviewed by the SCC— show a 12% shortfall in the next 5 years. This cannot be overcome by conserving electricity.

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