Koelemay Appointed to the Commonwealth Transportation Board

How embarassing! Will Vehrs at Commonwealth Conservative has scooped me on the appointment of Doug Koelemay, a Northern Virginia lobbyist and long-time contributor to the Bacon’s Rebellion e-zine, to the Commonwealth Transportation Board. Here is Will’s take.

I would add only that Doug will make an excellent appointee. He is one of the most fascinating conversationalists and has one of the widest-ranging intellects of anyone I’ve ever met. That’s why, when I decided to launch Bacon’s Rebellion nearly four years ago, he was the first person I asked to contribute to the fledgling publication. He also was the first person to accept, adding immeasurably to the publication’s credibility at at time when the e-zine format was almost unknown.

Doug will bring a balanced perspective to the CBT. On the one hand, he shares the view, widespread in the business community, that Virginia desperately needs to invest in its transportation infrastructure. On the other hand, as a devotee of technology policy, Doug is very open to doing things in new and different ways. I can’t imagine Doug becoming a proponent of the status quo.

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2 responses to “Koelemay Appointed to the Commonwealth Transportation Board”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Will he still contribute?

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Anonymous, As far as I know, Doug will continue to contribute. Whether he writes about what he sees and hears at the CTB is another matter.

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