Kilgore and the blue dog

THE POLITICS FACTORY: An hour in the Dog Pound with Jerry Kilgore
By Chris Graham/AFP Earlier in the summer, Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Tim Kaine made headlines by participating in a conference call with several of the Commonwealth’s top political bloggers. Next week, Republican Party nominee Jerry Kilgore is going to make some news of his own – straight from the Dog Pound. Kilgore will participate in a question-and-answer session on Steven Sisson’s Blue Dog blog …$36632

* Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore has agreed to guest blog with the Blue Dog and BD blog members on September 6th, next Tuesday, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Kilgore campaign has requested that I not screen questions or topics.

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(comments below)


(comments below)


  1. republitarian Avatar

    Steve , It looks like you’re getting pretty cozy with Jerry.

    When are you and Tim going to smoke the peace pipe.

  2. Will Vehrs Avatar

    Better yet, when will they go hunting, hiking, and canoeing together?

    Dog, congrats on the “get.” Hope it produces some real news!

    Last I heard, this weekend’s RT-D will report that the Kilgore campaign made a conscious decision to not blog and wouldn’t even entertain the idea two years ago when a reasonable active current blogger tried to propose it to them.

  3. Republitarian: Mr. Kilgore enjoys reading the Blue Dog Tales. As far as ‘the choir boy’ goes, I don’t smoke, but I issued an invitation to the Gubernatorial candidates to enter the dog pound at a later date.

    Oh, Will…

    You ain’t seen nothing yet! There’s more a-coming around the blue ridge mountains.

    ~ the blue dog

  4. Brian Patton Avatar
    Brian Patton

    I will have to admit it, I am impressed.

    Sounds like Kilgore selected the perfect blog to showcase his true colors.

    Steve is sure to “wow” all of Virginia with his hard-hitting journalism.

  5. dear brian’s song: a penny for your puckett thoughts?

    ~ the blue dog

  6. Brian Patton Avatar
    Brian Patton

    Ouch. Playing the “Puckett Card”.

    What can I say? I am passionate.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    I guess this is to be expected. Kilgore’s first ads post labor day (and his first serious ad buy) are rumored to be negative attack ads, in contrast to the positive bio and positive response ads Kaine has thus far stuck to. So much for introducing himself to Virginia voters as a positive, forward thinking leader. And in response to blogging conference spanning the political spectrum, he’s set to hang out with one of the most negative and nasty partisan bloggers around.

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