Kibosh the Cancel Culture

Washington Post

reporter Ian Shapira has won two journalism awards — the Poke award for state reporting, and the Hechinger Grand Prize for educational coverage — for his coverage of “relentless racism” at the Virginia Military Institute. It’s a good bet that the Washington Post will nominate his coverage for a Pulitzer Prize, the gold standard for American journalism.

VMI alumnus Robert Morris has started a petition at calling for the Pulitzer Committee to conduct a “full and objective investigation” before granting him a prize for what many in the VMI community is his highly biased reporting. Check out the petition here.

Update: If you’re of a mind to express your indignation this quiet weekend, speak out about Fairfax County’s plans to implement a new “Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Curriculum Policy” in place of the old “Controversial Issues Policy” that ensured that teachers would be fair and impartial discussing controversial issues in the classroom. Parents Defending Education takes tells you how to let your opinions be known.


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2 responses to “Kibosh the Cancel Culture”

  1. Nancy Naive Avatar
    Nancy Naive

    Happens alot around here…
    I’ll let each find their own specific examples, e.g., Ian Shapira.

  2. tmtfairfax Avatar

    And yet Fairfax County’s new police chief Kevin Davis has been on the losing side of two lawsuits by African Americans involving claims of excessive violence, which, of course, means that his conduct was outside that which is protected by qualified immunity. So, like Northam, one can do racist things and be given a pass so long as one acts woke.

    I spent part of day writing a letter to Jeff McKay and the rest of the supervisors expressing my disdain for their action and distrust of the new chief.

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