Kaine Unveils Transportation Plan

Tim Kaine has issued a detailed analysis of Virginia’s transportation crisis. Two key points emerge: He does not support higher taxes for transportation, although he would use surplus revenues for one-time transportation projects. He would give greater attention than any previous governor to tying transportation and land-use planning.

Read details and analysis on the “Road to Ruin” blog.

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(comments below)


  1. Ha ha ha. Jim – you don’t seem very excited about Kaine embracing your signature plank (tying transportation to land planning). Why is that?

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    I am excited! My main goal was to get something onto the Web as quickly as I could. I’ll have more to say tomorrow.

  3. Steven Avatar

    I still don’t ‘get it’ — What is Kaine going to do?

    After receiving his ‘Let’s Get STARTED Right Now on Fixing Virginia’s Transportation Crisis’ e-mail, I’m sitting back in front of the desktop thinking… Where have you been for the last four years?

    Then, I went to his campaign web page. And was asked to take a Clinton-like poll? How to ‘GET THERE FASTER’ by telling Tim Kaine YOUR TRANSPORTATION NIGHTMARE STORY.

    There’s nothing here … except, admitting there’s a problem (Oh Duh!).

    In addition, Kaine’s web site includes his transportation resume (Warner’s failed record), support for the 2001 Hampton Roads & NoVa transportation referendums (which Kaine has blasted Kilgore), a transportation summit (more government meetings), expansion of third-party, non-elected state government entities (MPOs), reducing air emission (so, Al Gore-like), Transportation lock box (how about VA Education first?), other ‘sources of transportation revenue (expanding Public-Private Partnerships that don’t work), improving VDOT’s performance (how about performance-based state budgeting), AND Listening to people (Oh, choirboy! That’s your job, buddy).

    I’ve read through the ‘Kaine’ plan. It’s a quick read. All I see is more state government regulations, new state government programs, larger state government, and of course…

    There’s a bill, but Kaine is not going to tell us about the new and higher state taxes to pay for his initiatives (A.K.A. corporate welfare to improve road infrastructure with our payroll taxes along with user fees and tolls).

    I’ve got a real problem with his MPO restructuring to promote his land use/transportation plan — because there’s no ‘elected’ accountability and decision-making with the taxpayer’s money. That’s not going to fly with the citizens of Virginia. It’s DOA.

    Basically, Kaine has no solutions.

    ~ the blue dog

  4. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    I hope Road to Ruin will take the next logical step and compare the Kaine, Kilgore, Potts plans side by side by side.

    Two things strike me immediately. Is Kaine now a flat-earther for not supporting higher taxes for transportation?

    Kaine’s fourth plank seems to boost local planning organizations. Doesn’t this mirror, to some extent, Kilgore’s derided regional transportation authorities? Isn’t more local involvement, however you slice it, critical for reaching consensus on projects and smooth relationships among Virginia regions that are always distrustful of each other’s claims on funding?

  5. Will:

    Both Kaine and Kilgore are lying about the gas tax. In my opinion, both would raise it at some point in their term.

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