Kaine Campaign Animal Control

The Blue Dog has only been blogging on his own for one week, but that’s already too long for the Kaine campaign. When emailed this post, Mo Elleithee replied, “Please remove me from your email spam list. Thanks.”

Ouch. Even the “Asses of Evil” don’t get treated like this.

Update: I have it on good authority that at least one prominent Democrat has already gone to bat for the Dog with the Kaine campaign.

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(comments below)


  1. Give it time, Will.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Steve Sisson’s entry about Ms. Skinner proves that he is the ultimate low-hanging fruit of the Virginia political blogosphere.

    I’m an undecided voter, and a loyal Bacon’s Rebellion reader (partly because of Mr. Vehrs’ posts), but for a while I stopped reading here because Sisson appeared to be taking over.

    Attacking a political operative, especially with such obvious misogynistic overtones, only draws a line underneath the fact that the man has nothing intelligent or enlightening to say about the 2005 gubernatorial campaign. People who behave credibly are treated credibly. No respectable candidate, from the right or left, Republican or Democrat or independent, should agree to be “interviewed” by someone who has neither earned the trust of readers nor by someone who is clearly not bound by even the loosest constraints of accountability or common decency, much less “the truth.”

    Why would I trust anything written by someone who refers to the Governor of Virginia as “mollycoddle Mark,” a moniker of disrespect to the office and to the people of this Commonwealth? I know that Mr. Vehrs has had serious differences of opinion with this Governor, but his reasoned arguments illuminate the issues rather than distract with petulant namecalling.

    All I can say is thank goodness the man got his own blog.

    An Undecided Voter

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    He got his own blog, and has been getting it… On his own blog.
    Undecided voter,
    Please look at the candidates, their record, their goals, and the truthfulness of their message. Look who has tried to help his fellow man, and who has tried to politicize. The choice won’t be all that hard.

  4. OK, let me get this straight.

    The Blue Dog blog post stated Kaine’s spokeswoman Delaney Skinner worked for Howard Dean and George Soros.

    Hmm… and then I quoted Washington Post’s columnist Michael Shear about Skinner’s reputation.

    And I also complained about the Kaine campaign not interviewing with the Blue Dog.

    So what’s the problem? Can’t stand the truth.

    As far as Mollycoddle, well undecided, Gov. Mark Warner earned his nickname…

    Just wait for the book ‘Adventure’s in Warnerland’, it’s due out in late October.

    Hmm… Did somebody say October Surprise?

    ~ the blue dog

    Btw, I never left Bacon’s bits.

  5. Ehhh, I disagree with anonymous. The Blue Dog brings out the crazies from all over the spectrum and the result is always very amusing..

    If Bacon’s Rebellion was all wonk all the time, it wouldn’t be as fun (although I like the wonk).

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey bluedog! When you say “So what’s the problem? Can’t stand the truth?” You need to keep in mind that someone looking through a kaleidoscope isn’t seeing the truth. It’s all mirrors and illusion. Like your commentary.

  7. Kaleidoscope? Anonymous, take off your rose-colored glasses, smell the coffee and color my world BLUE.

    It’s conservative commentary.

    ~ the blue dog

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Crazies attract crazies. It’s like Potts got his own blog. Every day it’s a new pathological story about who he is and what he believes. And everyone is out to get him.

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    The point you make at 3:30 is well taken.

    Bluedog “conservative commentary” equals mirrors and illusions.

    Thanks for setting things straight!

  10. Hmm… I did something right?

    ~ the blue dog

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