Kaine beats Kilgore like a baby seal

Even I felt bad for Jerry before this one was over. It was painful…like watching the Rodney King beating all over again. I understand now why Kilgore is hesitant to debate. He should be. Watch for any future encounters already scheduled to be cancelled.

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  1. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    I guess you saw the debate much differently than Larry Sabato.

    I have a hard time believing either of these two serious, public-spririted men totally dominated this debate. At the end of the day, it’s the positions and philosophy that linger. If you are a Kaine partisan, he can’t lose. The same for a Kilgore partisan.

    Love that vivid imagery of clubbing baby seals and Rodney King. Politics ain’t beanbag, is it?

  2. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    I think the difference is I actually SAW the debate. Hey, man, it’s hockey without the helmets! You might want to check the vet story. I lay into you on that one too–but only because I love ya!

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Sabato was present at the debate.

    He did countless interviews when it was over.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    I was there. Kilgore was stroger and Kaine defended well. I am from W.Va and I have to give this one to Jerry Kilgore.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Barnie has now jumped the shark.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    I wonder if Barnie wrote that post on Friday and set his AutoSend for Saturday afternoon. He seems to be the only person in Virginia who thinks Kilgore didn’t edge out Kaine.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    I agree with you Barnie, hockey with out a helmet, But i’m from VA and Kilgore didn’t edge out Kaine

  8. ManI saw the debate too and I really don’t know which side to take on this one boys…

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