Just One More Stereotype to Shatter…

This comes from the University of Virginia website, Top News Daily:

Don’t Stereotype:
What You See is NOT What You Get

Students in a Sustained Dialogue group handed out 1,000 T-shirts to their peers, and everyone who wore them on April 26 wrote their own statements on the back to shatter stereotypes. Students from left to right and part of their sayings: Casandra Bruce, “I’m graduating from the Comm School and I’m going to work in a kitchen;” Muslim student Alaa “Lulu” Buhisi, “I have Jewish friends;” Reem Ghoneim, “I am Egyptian and I don’t read hieroglyphics;” Nneoma Amadi-Obi, “I am Nigerian and I speak proper English.”

I’m all in favor of busting unfairly negative stereotypes. Here’s one more t-shirt I’d love to see: “I’m a Southern White Male — and I’m Not Prejudiced against Minorities!”

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3 responses to “Just One More Stereotype to Shatter…”

  1. CR UVa Avatar

    Good to see these students making good use of their time. In the meantime, I’ll be finishing up my degree. Oh wait, do people not go to college for one of those?

  2. GOPHokie Avatar

    Nah man, you guys protest the wages UVA pays while we protest a black professor getting fired.
    Whats this degree you speak of?

  3. Jim Patrick Avatar
    Jim Patrick

    You’all are missing the forest for a couple of (relatively immature) trees. While the MSM is all caught up in the immigration ‘day out’, Virginia towns and cities voted.

    The big news is what moderate Democrats feel about illegal immigration; in Herndon they spoke clearly: ‘No catering to illegal immigrants!’

    More analysis and a chart at my website; though with figures like that, it’s hard not to make a nice one.

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