Just Be Glad I’m Not French — This Would Be My Fourth Vacation This Year, Not My Second

So long, folks, I’m off to another vacation — a week in Wyoming to visit my daughter in Jackson and to take a side trip to Yellowstone National park. I’ve set aside some time for some half-day hikes, a white-water rafting ride and consumption of excess calories at a variety of Jackson restaurants. (I’m hoping to dine upon my first buffalo steak.) In my spare time, I’ll be reading Jim Bowden’s newly published book, “Rosetta 6.2.”

I’ll pack my laptop, but I don’t expect to spend much time blogging. I’ll check in on Bacon’s Rebellion to see who’s saying what, and I may have something to contribute if something profound strikes me about human settlement patterns in Wyoming. Otherwise, I’m counting on Ed Risse, who has been saving a couple of posts for my absence, to keep things lively. If we’re lucky, maybe Jim Bowden or Norm Leahy will weigh in on the meaning of tomorrow’s primaries.

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6 responses to “Just Be Glad I’m Not French — This Would Be My Fourth Vacation This Year, Not My Second”

  1. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    Jim – have a great trip.

    .. and on your return.. some of us would love to see a thread entitled:

    “Serious talk about Bicyles in Yellowstone”


  2. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Hope you like reading my book.

    I’ll write what I think the primaries mean. Analysis as best I can. I can be objective, but not neutral – if you can follow that.

    I haven’t posted that much here, because I’m taking sides in my senate race – and your blog is more wonk, less partisanship.

    Have a great trip. Never been to where you are going, but hope to go some day.

  3. Groveton Avatar

    I hope you have a good vacation white water rafting in Wyoming. Hopefully, it will be every bit as much fun as your recent Caribbean cruise.

    It was interesting to have read this post immediately after having read your lengthy piece entitled Excesses of Affluence.

    Interesting indeed.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Have a great vacation, Jim! You’re going to love that buffalo steak. A member of the Montgomery County VA Board of Supervisors owns a buffalo (bison) ranch and we stop by to stock up periodically. I’d never even seen buffalo meat until I moved to Blacksbug.

    Deena Flinchum

  5. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    Deena’s right, you can buy locally. Martin’s in Front Royal carries it.

    You will love Jackson, and the whitewater rafting is great, the elk watching, hiking, scenery. Too bad you will miss the skiing.

    The approach to to the airport is a lot of fun: a 360 degree hard banking spiral down into the valley.

    Most important, enjoy your visit with your daughter.

  6. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Thanks, guys… We took our first hike today. The scenery was spectacular — three miles up a mountain to a small lake. … Had my first taste of western meat last night, a triple header of elk, bison and wild boar sausage. Kinda gamey. Didn’t like the elk much, but I could grow to like the boar and the bison.

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