Jonnie R. Williams’ Mansion on Market for $4.9m



 By Peter Galuszka

It might be right out of the “Lifestyles of Richmond’s Rich and Famous.”

A trust controlled by Jonnie R. Williams Sr., the glad-handing vitamin salesman who was the chief witness against former Gov. Robert F. McDonnell and his wife Maureen, has put his 14,700 square foot mansion along with 61 acres of land up for sale for $4.9 million.

I have the story here in Style Weekly.
“1 Starwood Lane” has six bedroom suits, a paneled “executive” study, a pool, a gazebo, a billiards and media room and (what the truly wealthy really need) a state-of-the-art security vault. There must be trouble in paradise however, because the realtor says it was originally listed as a $5.5 million purchase with just the mansion and 28 acres of property. Later, they threw in 35 acres more and dropped the price.

Williams, who got immunity from prosecution for his testimony for the McDonnell trial and another, unrelated one involving securities fraud, has apparently left the Richmond area where his former company Star Scientific moved from Henrico County after renaming itself Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals. He gave the McDonnells $177,000 in cash, loans, gifts and stock in exchange for influence in peddling his products, according to testimony at the six-week trial last year.

The McDonnells were convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud and other felonies. McDonnell got two years and his wife was sentenced to a year and a day. They are appealing.

The McDonnell’s who have separated sold their home in a Short Pump subdivision. It was listed at $944,000 and sold in a week. Williams’ mansion is in the middle of the high cotton Hermitage Golf Course in Goochland County.

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5 responses to “Jonnie R. Williams’ Mansion on Market for $4.9m

  1. You know… when a mortgage company – “forgives” a loan – the IRS considers the amount of “forgiveness” to be income… a nasty surprise for some….

    does anyone think Williams has any equity himself in the property?

  2. you know…I’m still amused by those who blame Williams for being a slimy briber… exploiting the unsuspecting McDonnells… such a tragedy..

  3. Hey, Jonnie, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  4. I think Williams has a residence in Florida. Virginia’s gain, Florida’s loss.

  5. It opened today at $.13 a share and EPS -0.20. Volume so far is 700,131. Don’t think I want any.

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