Jim Bacon nominated for Nobel Prize

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– In dramatic news the Nobel Foundation today announced that James A. Bacon has been nominated for the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his groundbreaking economic work – Boomergeddon.  Nobel spokesman Lars E Faire said, “Of course we nominated Bacon – just putting a picture of a detonated atomic bomb on the cover of a cult economics book all but guaranteed a nomination.  Most authors use graphs or currency symbols.  Bacon uses nuclear annihilation”

The Bacon School –  Bacon could not be reached for comment.  His publicist claimed that he was busy getting small somewhere in South Carolina.  Inquiries were referred to Bacon’s spokesman Lawrence Gee.  Gee explained the Bacon school of economic thinking.  “Baconomics is not trickle down.  Rather, it’s drizzle sideways.  City governments which genuflect to private enterprise invariably become techno-modal innovation hubs.  The private enterprise focus of these cities causes them to avoid building roads, bus lines, subways or any other form of transportation infrastructure.  So, people walk.  These are walkable cities,”  Gee said with the conspiratorial nod of a man revealing a deep secret.

“Walkable areas force people into close proximity where good ideas flourish and capital can be raised by passing the hat without any government interference or regulation,” Gee said.  “The cheek to jowl conditions in the walkable city not only lead to effortless capital formation but also attract new entrepreneurs from distant cities which waste their money on roads, police and schools.  They make sure the walkable city is well supplied with essentials like meat pies and craft brewed beer.  This is the drizzle sideways effect.”

Competition beware –  Bacon will face stiff competition for the Nobel prize. Other nominees include Peter Galuszka who recently published a research paper linking all past, present and future economic issues to George W. Bush and Dr. T.M. Taxes who mathematically demonstrated that the Matrix is not only real but being operated by Northern Virginia land developers.

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20 responses to “Jim Bacon nominated for Nobel Prize”

  1. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    Not too worry Jim.

    All monumental thinkers doing their groundbreaking work, going where no one has thought or dared to go before, will invariably suffer the scorns, the brickbats, and the epithets of lesser men, those masses of lesser souls lost in the turbulent wake of genius.

    Yes, it is unfortunately true, Jim, one’s pearls must be tossed in the path of swine if one is gain that special place that will at long last enlighten the world.

  2. TooManyTaxes Avatar

    Bacon – there’s no way in hell you win. My economic research is the best ever done. Of course, if you’ve paid off DGR and his henchmen to work with notorious Latin American election hacker Andrés Sepulveda, all bets are off.


  3. Andrew Roesell Avatar
    Andrew Roesell

    I’m telling you folks, Jim is the GREATEST! His achievement is MONUMENTAL, YUUGE! No, REALLY. There is just no one else who could do this. It trumps everything and everyone else. Well, ALMOST everyone else. ;-)<

  4. I fear a Bacon’s Rebellion No. 2

  5. LarrytheG Avatar

    YUUGE? never heard of a blog that REQUIRES minimum comment!

  6. Sadly, I cannot claim credit for the term “drizzle sideways.” Much as Darwin did not coin the phrase “the survival of the fittest” — the honors go to Herbert Spencer — the glory and renown for the phrase “drizzle sideways” goes entirely to DonR. And for that he will always be remembered.

  7. Jonathan Wight Avatar
    Jonathan Wight

    A well deserved nomination! But not clear what category–perhaps multiple ones like the Nobel Peace Prize also! If you get the economics right, peace can’t help but follow. Start practicing your Swedish, Jim!

    1. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
      Reed Fawell 3rd

      Yes, I concur. A talent so vast, so all encompassing, deserves an altogether new category grand enough to hold Jim’s achievements. Who among us here today can contemplate much less name such an all encompassing category?

      After all, Jim’s work has only just begun. It’s horizons are yet defined, still far out there beyond our most distant views.

    2. An “altogether new category”? And what category is this? Unlike trickling down, drizzling sideways is a challenge. Done right — like pulling a perfectly headless beer from the tap, like relieving oneself into the wind while keeping one’s trousers dry — a sideways drizzle may be possible if accomplished through the finesse of explicit government intervention: regulation, policy guidance, hearings, rulemaking, channeling astute advice from a think tank or two, political compromise, filibuster, legislation, executive mandate, aim and direction. The dead hand of the market is not up to guiding a sideways drizzle into a defined Nobel category.

      But alas, pearls cast before swine do not fall into any category. They are never acknowledged as precious; the literati merely drizzle their gifts before the illiterate, which, unread, become one with the muck. The path to enlightenment lies not through the Swedish Court but the pig-sty.

      1. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
        Reed Fawell 3rd

        “…alas, pearls cast before swine … are never acknowledged as precious; the literati merely drizzle their gifts before the illiterate, which, unread, become one with the muck. The path to enlightenment lies not through the Swedish Court but the pig-sty.”

        Ah Ha – a profound and subtle insight signaling a strategic inflection point, perhaps. Either that or the “biggest blunder of Bacon’s professional life, one that results in slow acts of destruction all over the universe, striking at the very heart of advancements in art, craft, science, and literature.”

        For the sake of all mankind, be careful here, Jim.

        See for example:


  8. Andrew Roesell Avatar
    Andrew Roesell

    Dear Jim,

    I just wanted to inform you that all this fawning of you, Good Sir, by us, is all a wind up for our, i.e. your commentators, asking for a generous pay hike from our current rate, a doubling of nothing, if possible, to “share”, if not in the plaudits, then at least the cash prize awarded you, which would not have been at all possible, without our “agitatin’ “, pot-stirrin’, and where, appropriate, strategic droning. [Ahem] While this Glorious Commonwealth, indeed, is a “right to work” state, I have been self-elected on behalf of your commentators as chief goon & negotiator on our collective behalf, toward that end. Regards, etc,

    Sincerely(?), ;-)<

    1. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
      Reed Fawell 3rd

      Right on, Bro.

      One should think that any old coot anywhere, if only for the sake of common courtesy, not to mention decency, much less the fear of God’s wraith, would offer us California’s new minimum wage plus time off or double time for scribbles on the Lord’s Sabbath.

    2. “Chief goon & negotiator” for a share in that prize — seconded! As Jim noted previously (The-rise-of-the-new-artisan-class) “the term ‘artsy fartsy’ suggests eccentricity and dilettantism” not a cash payoff.

  9. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
    Reed Fawell 3rd

    The Annual Grand Prize for Eccentricity and Dilettantism in Commentary on Bacon’s Rebellion? There you have it, all in lieu of cash, other prize or remuneration. Nominations for 3 panel Jury to judge for the upcoming 2016 Award?

  10. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Thank you, don the ripper. The superiority of my concepts will prevail!

  11. Fun. Thank you.

    Sidebar to “Darwin” comment. At Oxford’s Nat Science Museum, when it just opened, they held a debate between Thomas Huxley, “Darwin’s bulldog” and Samuel Wilberforce, the great preacher who led England’s rejection of slavery a half century before. Only one report of the debate — written by an evolutionist — which claimed that Huxley mopped up the floor with Wilberforce. But the best comment on the debate came from a woman who was not even allowed into the debate because, well, she was a woman and such weighty matters were obviously beyond her (and, just in case, this isn’t how I feel. Indeed, I usually think men have the lesser brains!). The comment: “Descended from apes! Descended from apes! Let us pray it is not true and if it is, let’s don’t tell anyone.”

    1. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
      Reed Fawell 3rd

      salz – permit me to elaborate on your very fine observations:

      Of all the creatures in all the world, I suspect the Ape is the only one who has mastered the art of the sideways dribble. And that the best we humans can hope to achieve here in this world is sideways drivel.

      In that regard:

      Joseph Campbell, a Dean of mythology and how the manifestations of myth are inflected through the prism of the human psyche, and thus mirror how we humans see the world consciously and unconsciously, this great and learned man, characterized male human behavior in the presence of the human female as nothing more than a poor imitation of a large silver tipped male ape pounding his chest while dancing round the central force of this life, the female of his species.

  12. It’s an election year. Let us contemplate the persuasiveness, the forcefulness, of sideways drivel!

    1. Reed Fawell 3rd Avatar
      Reed Fawell 3rd

      Yes, I think often, indeed hourly, about our dear and literate and learned friend, Andrew. How is he weathering this storm?

  13. LarrytheG Avatar

    actually sideways is not exactly correct – it’s backwash drivel… and the smart folks are nimble…

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