Jeanine’s Memes

From The Bull Elephant

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8 responses to “Jeanine’s Memes”

  1. Carter Melton Avatar
    Carter Melton

    George Orwell….”Prophet of Woke”

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    Pretty interesting that the man apparently was himself a descendent of slave owners.

    Author George Orwell’s ancestors were one of 3,000 slave-owning families paid a total of £20m (£1.8bn in today’s prices) in compensation when slavery was abolished, research suggests. Compensation was paid in 1833 to his great-great-grandfather’s trustees.

  3. dave schutz Avatar
    dave schutz

    Hey! Photo Librarian! Get me a photo of George Orwell looking smug!

  4. M. Purdy Avatar

    I see this line from Orwell quoted all the time by the reactionary right, and I have to say it betrays a total lack of understanding of what Orwell was trying to say. If you recall, Winston Smith is a propagandist in the Ministry of Truth who literally rewrites history by falsifying records, biographies, and newspaper articles. Where is the parallel to what’s going on in the U.S. now in reassessing our past and taking down monuments? Zero, zilch, nothing. History is not being deleted; books aren’t being altered; you can still go down to any library and check out a book about R.E. Lee. If anything, there’s much more of an honest assessment of issues like the Lost Cause, which ironically is far more Orwellian than anything the right howls about. Bottom line: Orwell would have no concerns with reevaluating our national mythology or any national mythology. That’s what healthy societies do.

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