It’s a Giving Thing

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in a front page, above the fold story, reports that state employees have set a new record for giving to charity this year. Over $4 million dollars went to the Commonwealth of Virginia campaign, including over $500,000 to hurricane relief.

Schapiro doesn’t mention the unsung heroes of this effort–the individual agency coordinators for the campaign. These individuals have the thankless tasks of sending out materials to their fellow employees, encouraging giving, reminding everyone of deadlines, and collecting the donations. The coordinators deserve a lot of credit.

Who is chosen to be the coordinator, both at state agencies and at private companies, is a fascinating peek into the psychology of indidvidual organizations. Some entities choose to slap the job on an already busy administrative staffer, some choose an “up and comer,” and some choose a staff member on the way out. However the choice is made, the coordinators perform a vital function and should be commended.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    The attitude of the agency head makes a big difference, too. In my agency, one agency head ignored it, and then the next one got into it, and the employees responded. Funny thing, leadership.

  2. Will, not only is what you say true, but levels of giving from year to year are a good measure of the relative morale of an agency.

    Look at some of the smaller agencies, and track the changes in giving to changes in leadership.

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