“It was just butt-ugly”

That’s how Richmond city councilman Marty Jewell characterizes the latest, weirdest spat between Doug Wilder and the Richmond School Board.

For the life of me, I can’t fathom why the Mayor felt the need to pull a Bob Irsay and try to eject the School Board in the middle of the night — complete with a phalanx of cops! Yes, he’s made it clear that he wants the Board out of City Hall in order, he says, to save money (a charge former Wilder aide Paul Goldman disputes).

It’s also clear the School Board is either incapable, or more likely unwilling, to accept the eviction notice.

And now the City Council is getting involved, opening yet another chapter in its long-running battle with the Mayor over who wears the pants in Richmond government.

It’s enough to make one pine for the good old days, when all city government had to offer were the tirades of Sa’ad El-Amin, the antics of Reva, the occasional hunger strike by Rev. Gwen.

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One response to ““It was just butt-ugly””

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Pants? Only Dr. Denton’s and Oshkosh BGosh are allowed in that play pen.

    Sure the quality of the schools matter, but how is that tied to the mailing address of the school borad offices? How does evictihg them improve instruction or improve parental involvement?

    Buried inside the paper, Richmond was ranked third best in the country as a city to do business by marketwatch.com. But that’s not on the front page and the front page is sending a very different message.

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