Inside the “Coalition of Coalitions”

In his Richmond Times-Dispatch column today, Jeff Schapiro offers some insight into the lobbying behind the transportation debate: The Higher Ed lobby appears to be AWOL this year from the grand coalition of constituencies with a stake in state funding that have backed one another in the press for tax increases.

This band of strategists, schemers and schmoozers is at it again, pushing for a $1 billion-a-year fix for highways and transit that will require more taxes if Governor Tim Kaine and the Virginia Senate prevail over the House of Delegates.

But all is not sweetness and light within the “coalition of coalitions.” One of its more important members from 2004, taxpayer-backed higher education, is missing this year…

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for the details. I’ve been highly critical of the MSM coverage of the transportation debate. I’d be less vocal on the topic if we could see more analysis like this.

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