This past Wednesday I drove 500+ miles to Upstate New York. Today I returned.

The only significant delays I encountered in either direction were on I-95 in Northern Virginia. Where was Russ Potts when I needed him?

Looks like I’ve got a good bit of blogosphere catching up to do; I better unpack and get started.

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(comments below)


  1. Welcome back! You’ve been missed, though Jim has more than picked up the slack in your absence.

  2. Salt Lick Avatar
    Salt Lick

    Will, it’s always worth the extra time to go West, young man, go West, and travel to New York via I-81, etc. And you can even stop in Winchester and see the marvels of its sage.

  3. Ray Hyde Avatar

    You drove 500 miles and didn’t find the interstates dysfunctional?

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