Illegal Immigration Round Up

The latest idea for combating illegal immigration in Virginia: Build a detention center capable of holding 1,000 illegals arrested for certain categories of crimes. That comes from the State Crime Commission, reports the Washington Post. The usual nervous nellies are worried that someone’s rights will be violated — as if the same risk weren’t true of illegals held in local jails.

Meanwhile, Fairfax County estimates that it holds about 4,500 illegal immigrants in its jail, about 16 percent of the county’s inmate population, reports Previous statewide estimates by the state crime commission had run around 8 to 10 percent.

Meanwhile, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine is talking tough on illegal immigration, castigating the federal government for the “bankruptcy” of its policies, even as he argues that it’s not the states’ job to police immigration, reports the Associated Press.

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2 responses to “Illegal Immigration Round Up”

  1. not jim bacon Avatar
    not jim bacon

    “Meanwhile, Fairfax County estimates that it holds about 4,500 illegal immigrants in its jail…”


    The Fairfax County jail holds only 1,300 people at any one time.

    See here:

    Politicians and the press are idiots.

    The backtrack will be that the figure includes immigrants held in the drunk tank for an hour where they were fed a baloney sandwich.

    Hardly a big drain on taxpayers.

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Not Jim Bacon, Good catch! For what it’s worth, I was just repeating what the DC Examiner reported. Possibly the Examiner’s number refers to the total number of illegal immigrants jailed over the course of a year.

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