IG of the Day: Race Distribution in Virginia

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I give the demographers at the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service a hard time for their long-range population projections, but I also must credit them for doing some really interesting work. A case in point is the map shown above, which uses 2010 U.S. Census data to show Virginia’s population distribution visually in a way not usually seen.

Each dot on the map above represents 50 people. Each dot in the maps linked to below represent a single person. Additionally, Policy Associate Dustin Cable has color coded the dots by race. Writes he in a recent blog post:

The great thing about dot density maps is that they elegantly convey a lot of data in a small space. Total population, population density, geographic distribution, and race/ethnicity are displayed in a single visual. Also, by incorporating the racial and ethnic data, the extent and degree of residential segregation manifests itself.

To view detailed maps of the state click and Virginia’s metro regions, click here:

Let’s hope he gets around to publishing a map for the Roanoke region as well.


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  1. I’d rather see them save the money on this and use it to develop more accurate projections of growth and the geographic allocation of growth – myself.

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