I have a dream

It’s a gorgeous day out there today; I found myself daydreaming thinking of how things could be.

I have a dream. DINOs and RINOs living together in harmony, spending their time on beautiful Shenandoah pastures, holding hands, loving each other and the whole world. No extremists, no party ideologies, no animosities, no partisanship; just the utmost collaboration between good men for the good of all in order to better our lives from cradle to grave. And of course, no limits on government spending–after all, how can you put a limit on doing good?

But I soon came back to reality and came to recognize that such a place already exists. It’s called Utopia!

Enjoy the beautiful day.

PS. I’m sure the faithful readers of this blog, readily recognize the RINO acronym. For those of you who haven’t heard of a DINO before please read “DINO Sighting.”

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(comments below)


  1. I can’t remember, Phil. Are you pro or anti-DINO?

  2. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Good question, Paul!

  3. Steven Avatar

    ‘Club for Phil’ (not Paul), ‘Red Dog’ and my favorite valley ‘Republitarian’ are in agreement about the Blue Dog switching parties and join the Republican Party — because I’m too fiscally conservative to be a member of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

    Anonymous blogger, ‘Attack-Pat’ is positive the Valley Blue Dog is a DINO (Democratic In Name Only). Oh yeah, according to ‘Attack-Pat’ I’m a certified liar due to an unhappy puppyhood at the local dog pound.

    So does Pat work for the state central committee? Maybe Mollycoddle or the Choir Boy? Oh… just maybe!

    Remember Saturday Night Live’s skit, “It’s Pat!” Is the androgyne blogger ‘Attack-Pat’ a He or She — Patrick or Patricia — Patowan or Padme? Because this blogger ‘dude looks like a lady.’

    Bacon bit bloggers know that Attack-Pat is always complaining, hassling and nagging the Blue Dog doing this… and that… and loves calling me those nasty little doggie names.

    Attack-Pat also wants to neuter the Blue Dog. Yikes!

    Obviously, it’s a case of ‘stud-doggie envy’ — There’s no doubt, Attack-Pat wants the Blue Dog on an liberal editor’s leash as well! Oh well … and w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r! That’s not going to happen.

    For your information, the Blue Dog Tale columns are reprinted in 4-state media outlets and the nationwide Christian news source, the Conservative Voice. The upcoming book, Adventures in Warnerland, is due out September with a few surprise promotions. Ouch, that might hurt the Democrats come election time.

    Perhaps, the staff at the DPVA will blame ‘Attack-Pat’ for pushing the Blue Dog to the political edge.

    Will the Dem Blue Dog morph into a Pub Red Dog this fall, who knows?

    But one thing is for sure, our anonymous ‘Attack-Pat’ is another ‘Girlie Democrat’ … In Name Only!

    ~ the blue dog

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