“Dear Fellow Citizen:”

“I started this race with integrity, dignity and an honest pledge to run a positive campaign, and I intend to maintain that pledge to the end.

“Honoring that commitment, I have avoided comment on my opponent’s 11 felony count indictment. ….”

from full page 6 June ad in Fauquier Times-Democrat for Jill Holtzman Vogel titled “An Open Letter to the People of the 27th District.”


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(comments below)


5 responses to “I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    And I never asked him during the campaign when he stopped beating his wife.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Im glad she said it — she deserves the right to set the record straight. Tate is a crook.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    This is a classic case of how two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Tate hasn’t submitted a proper finance report since 2003….anyone who has followed him knows this.

    On the same note, the idea to formally charge him with a felony was an inside hit job b/w people at the VAGOP (remember the leaks?) and a Holtzman supporter.

    The real issue here is why someone at the VAGOP would tip-off a democratic blog as to what was going to happen and when it was going to happen……that’s scary and doesn’t speak well for the current state of the VAGOP.

    Do all VA Republican’s have a target on their back?

    As for the ad…we all know politics….the only reason to run it would be for damage control. The polls must not look to good for Holtzman, IMO.

    Her campaign knows that she may be ahead in the primary but she still has to win the general….her numbers might be slipping when as far as the General Election goes.

    I can see now other reason to run this type of ad…..DAMAGE CONTROL.

  4. Phil Chroniger Avatar
    Phil Chroniger

    Actually, the opposite is occurring…Vogel is simply distancing herself from this issue.

    I know people involved with the Vogel campaign, and their internal polls have actually shown Vogel has cushioned her lead by 10-15 points since this scandal came about.

    They’re simply keeping the record straight, as Tate is attempting to claw his way back into this race by blaming everyone but himself for this.

  5. E M Risse Avatar
    E M Risse

    Mr. Chroniger:

    I suspect you are right with respect to the Elephant Clan primary.

    With some wordsmithing the ad could have helped come fall in the general election as well.

    We posted it because for most readers (who are not in either Clan) the ad demonstrates how broke politics-as-usual really is.


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