How Not to Treat a Bleeding Patient

Let’s say you are in an emergency room and you have a patient being wheeled in from the ambulance who is bloody and critically injured.
The man is in his middle age, he is overweight and has high blood pressure and cholesterol and has diabetes. He’s been in a bad traffic accident and has lost a lot of blood. He’s going into shock.
In the emergency room are too old pros, Drs. Bacon and Groveton. They are knowledgeable about trauma, but they have attended a lot of continuing education seminars about the problems of patients as they age and what do do about it over the long term.
What the man needs now is blood, but instead, Drs. Bacon and Groveton immediately lecture him about his sins. Dr. Bacon tells the man: “You are a Boomer and look at you. Fat. Stupid. Lazy. Helpless. You need to go on a strict diet and stop spending so much on Pabst and pork rinds and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Get some exercise, too, and try to get a disciplined outlook on life.”
The patient, however, continues to bleed. Will he die?
That’s the nut of the matter now that America’s feeble economic recovery is staggering and may fall backwards. You have Dr. Groveton quoting, of all people, Paul Krugman. And you have Dr. Bacon about to unleash his treatise on the dark futures we spoiled Boomers face. The bug-a-boo is government spending, deficits and debt — the usual conservative litany. And while we’re add, throw in a tax cut. Just in time for house races this fall and General Assembly election sin 2011.
But consider this passage from today Journal. According to the WSJ column by Thomas Frank:
“Solve the recession and we’ll eventually bring the deficit back down, too. The real danger is that instead we will decide to regard the deficit as a problem entirely unto itself — a quasi-moral issue that needs to be addressed independently of the larger economy — and that we will proceed to budget-balance ourselves right back into the economic ditch. For a glimpse of how this works, take a look at once-boom Ireland, where a starvation diet designed to control the deficit has made the recession more or less permanent.”
It is important to remember that, like the pudgy man injured in the traffic wreck, treatment has to be continuous. It just doesn’t stop at one stimulus program after the big drop in GDP. It has to be ongoing. The recovery from the Great Depression staggered and then fell backwards by a host of issues, the lack of proper government stimulus and harsh tariff laws that froze global trading (for quasi-moral and stupid reasons). IN fact, what finally put the spike in thedepression once and for all was the massive government spending for World Warr II (not that we want that again).
Therein lies the rub. The solution’s name is Keynes. It is time for Drs. Bacon and Groveton to stop lecturing and telephone the blood bank.
Peter Galuszka

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41 responses to “How Not to Treat a Bleeding Patient”

  1. Larry G Avatar

    awesome post Gooze.

    I only have one thing to add…

    and that is who is it these Guys say will rescue us from certain economic death?

    Of course, the same cast of characters that put us here.

    So the guys that the previous 8 years that said "deficits don't matter" are not "saved" by returning to their roots in the revival tent, eh?

    I call the Republicans the Lucy of the Political Peanuts world.

    Yep. we know this time for sure that Lucy is going to leave that football teed up -right?

    that is until the next great nation building opportunity appears on the horizon.. then all bets are off again.

    Bacon and Groveton are terribly apologetic about Bush and his merry band of Republican thieves but at the end of the day they say "Bush is gone" and.. oh the way.. the solution to Obama is to put the same Republicans back in charge.


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Mr. Gooze:

    One of your best!!

    Only one problem:

    Continued 'stimulus' will not work without the Fundamental Transformations Dr. Risse talks about.

    Your strategy with for keeping an organism alive does not work for organic systems that are on an unsustainable trajectory.

    The best citizens can hope for is that a few patients dying (e.g. Macondo Oil Spill, The Pigs and massive labor unrest in China) will waken a Critical Mass of citizens to the need for Fundamental Transformation.

    That boat that RH has battened down is on Lake Eire. It is being blown to the east at 45 knots. Or perhaps it is 20 miles east of Isle au Haut and being blown north at 45 knots.

    The Dow went past 10,000 again going the other way.


  3. Well sometimes my lawnmower needs a shot of ether to get it jumpstarted, but it cannot run on that stuff continuously without exploding.

    Funny that during the recession all we hear about is the lack of growth and how to restore it. There seems to be a deafening silence from those who think we still have too much consumption, but I imagine they will pop back to the surface to be heard again.

    As soon as they find a job.


  4. "The best citizens can hope for is that a few patients dying…."

    Well, well, well. At last an admission that either the sustainable trajectory or imminent collapse will require that some people be eliminated or downsized. no word yet on what an ethical selection method amounts to.

    Re, the Dow:

    Big deal. If you think the long term mean should now be 10,000 it is 1.1 percent below the mean. If you think the long term natural growth should only have us at 8000 or 8500 as some pessimists think, then it is still well above the mean.

    Since June of 2009 my portfolio has returned 26.01% compared to the S&P 500 return of 14.61%.

    Since I periodically take out some of my gains I have long since taken out an amount equal to my original investment. Even if the whole thing goes bust to zero now, I am still better off than having done nothing – all my original investment has been returned.

    It's not that hard, folks. somebody has to makde something and sell it to somebody. There is always opportunity. Anyone buy into the Chinese Agricultural Bank IPO today?

    Getting you rinvestment out and protected is called battening down the hatches. The boat might be on Lake Eirie of off Isle au Haut, but I would have enough geographical and navigational literacy to know which.

  5. Groveton Avatar

    One there was a drunk who came to Dr. Gooze for treatment. The poor old sod had been drinking too much for many administrations … er, years. He was a wreak. Worst of all, he still couldn't quite connect the fact that his excessive drinking was what was causing him the problems to start with. He felt that other, healthier people were hoarding health by exacerbating a "health gap".

    Dr. Gooze told the man, "Your problem isn't that you drink too much, it's that you drink too little.". "Now, follow Nurse Obama here and she'll set you up with an IV of Gin. By the way, do you prefer your gin IV with an olive or a twist?".

    The man did as he was told and soon felt no pain. All the old fears and worries about ruining his health dissolved in that drip of gin.

    However, at a different hospital where Dr. Gooze occasionally assisted, a certain Dr. Merkel was studying the procedures used by Dr. Gooze. "I am not so sure that pumping ever more booze directly into the veins of an alcoholic is a good idea.". "I think we should have been weaning the patient off booze form the moment he arrived.". "In fact, starting now, I am not going to give more booze to alcoholics.". "I am going to make them quit.". An orderly named Larry said, "But they won't be happy. And it's really not their fault. It was the doctor who delivered them as babies. He should have installed a booze preventer.".

    Just then a disheveled doctor came running up dripping with sweat. "Who are you and why are you dripping with sweat?". "I am Dr. Ed", came the reply. "And I am sweating because I took the shared vehicle wiki tram from Warrenton to get here.". "But Warrenton is over 100 miles away", said Dr. Merkel. "It must have taken hours.". "Days, actually", said Dr. Ed. "But I'm not here to talk about shared vehicle systems. I am here to give you the one and only procedure for getting these patients cured.". "Great", said Dr. Merkel, "What should we do?".

    "First, remove all of their organs from their bodies. Then, shrink their organs until we have the the right sized organs. Finally, we will rearrange the shrunken organs into organ clusters within the body. At that time we will have the right sized organs in the right places".

    "But Dr. Ed, that will certainly kill the patient.".

    "If I wanted to argue details I'd call that kook Dr. Groveton. Now just start slicing out organs.".

    "I am going back to Germany" said Dr. Merkel.

  6. Gooze Views Avatar
    Gooze Views

    Dr. Groveton,
    You sly old dog! I laughed and laughed.


  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Too bad so much of the Stimulus funding was used to keep public sector employees on the payroll and to fund nonprofits. The broadband program has, for example, been a disaster. I know a small company in Maryland that had dead-on data showing where there was no service, but it was generally rejected in favor of some nonprofits that don't know squat about constructing a business, much less a broadband business. The Maryland company has defaulted on some contracts, hasn't been hiring and will probably get sued by one of my clients.


  8. Larry G Avatar

    HOw not to treat a traumatized patient.

    Patients who suffer serious trauma are often put on morphine knowing full well that later when they reach thresholds that they'll have to be weaned off.

    Drs. Groveton and Bacon apparently hail from the school of "you don't need nor deserve no stinkin morphine… bite this bullet and suck it up you sack of crap… or… die".

    and if these guys were Dentists – they be hanging "Painless Dentistry" signs out front of their practices (painless for the Dentist).

  9. Larry G Avatar

    re: public sector employees.

    Well, your're 100% correct – no question about it.

    Down our way several hundred deputies and teachers would be unemployed and walking away from their underwater mortgages – no doubt about it.

    In fact if nothing else is done they'l be doing that in FY11-12 anyhow.

    Notice we don't call million dollar 24-year old soldiers "public sector" employees, eh?

  10. Larry G Avatar

    Looks like Obama is not the only stimulus-Meister and strangely enough neither Groveton nor Bacon have bothered to point it out:

    " Lawmakers Raid Pension Fund "

    " When Gov. Robert F. McDonnell inked Virginia’s new two-year budget, state lawmakers will have deferred $620 million in the usual payments to the retirement system, while promising to repay the money over ten years – with interest.
    The IOU is one of the budget remedies lawmakers relied on to close a projected $4.2 billion gap over the coming biennium. And it comes after the General Assembly reduced its payment to Virginia Retirement System (VRS) for the fiscal year that run through June 30 by about $150 million."


    " While the moves helped localities save upwards of $200 million – some refer to it as the “state stimulus plan” – and freed up more state money to be funneled into other areas, including education, the decisions also have sparked concern.

    Namely whether Virginia – a state known for its conservative bent and where lawmakers preach about fiscal restraint – will be able to keep pace in the future with the cost of covering the benefits promised to state workers."

  11. James A. Bacon Avatar
    James A. Bacon

    Larry, In "Boomergeddon," I give the Virginia General Assembly a poke in the eye for that very issue. And I believe I may have said something on the B.R. blog as well. It's more indefensible budgetary sleight of hand.

  12. Groveton Avatar


    I did comment on the GA's "off balance sheet financing" over at Sen Petersen's Ox Road South blog. I see it as a scam perpetuated by McDonnell and legislators from both parties to preserve the illusion of a balanced budget. Interestingly, no politicians from either party made any noise about this. Theworld is not Republicans vs. Democrats, it is politicians vs. The citizens.

  13. Larry G Avatar

    " Theworld is not Republicans vs. Democrats, it is politicians vs. The citizens."

    ha ha ha

    How do you reconcile that idea when you are telling us that Republicans are the party of fiscal conservatives and Democrats the tax&spenders – ergo – elect more Republicans?

    Now that the Republicans are in charge and doing the same tricks the nasty tax&spenders do – it's all of a sudden a "govt verses citizens" problem.

    Did you not say that you knew that Creigh Deeds was going to be a tax&spender and you took solace that McDonnell would be a good doobie?

    I think you guys change your stories every time the events change.

  14. Larry G Avatar

    Here's some charts from that clandestine news organization called the NYT that shows quite clearly that the stimulus has worked – despite the FAUX News blather:

  15. Anonymous Avatar

    I too laughed and laughed…

    and then I cried


  16. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    re: giving more booze to alcoholics – Virginia Style

    I think we're about to see how Republicans in Va meet their moment of truth once the Federal Stimulus goes away and McDonnell and company REALLY DO have to deal with reality.

    The Republican blatherbutts and their whiny apologists – Groveton and Bacon ought to regale this esteemed group with what they would do in Va do deal with the budget shortfalls INSTEAD of playing stupid accounting games.

    By my reckoning, in a place like Spotsylvania or Stafford, we would have lost (without the Federal Stimulus) several hundred teachers and deputies and now the local politics are discussing the next budget using words like "cliff" if the Stimulus money goes away.

    And.. just for the record, I agree that we can not go on forever spending money we don't have but then I said that about the wars and it had no effect, but I digress…..

    What will Virginia's economy look like with hundreds/thousands of newly-unemployed teachers and deputies?

    What will places like Fairfax County do?

    So.. we cut the Feds budget which in turn cuts the stimulus that Va sucked up (all the while damning the Feds wantonly wasteful ways and pointing out that Va does not have that option and can't carry a deficit).

    and ultimately it rolls downhill into Fairfax County ….

    then what?

    Will Fairfax County then CUT employees or will they do the same terrible deed that our fiscal conservatives rage about – raise taxes?

    which will it be for Fairfax County ( or Chesterfield, Spotsylvania, Prince William)?

    Will we actually have the fortitude to NOT RAISE TAXES – or not?

    How many school employees will Fairfax get rid of if they do not raise taxes?

  17. Groveton Avatar

    The stock market is a leading indicator of overall economic health.

    The Dow lost 10% in Q2. The worst quarter since the first quarter of 2009.

    New claims for unemployment are not only rising but rising at a surprising rate (as they did last week).

    Sales of new homes fell in May to the lowest level on record, the Commerce Department said June 23

    Consumer confidence sank in June more than forecast as Americans became distressed over the outlook for jobs and incomes.

    Unemployment benefits are running out for millions who still do not have jobs.

    Obama's economic plan does not seem to be working. And, "it's the economy, stupid.".

    If we go into a double dip recession (which is getting more likely) the Democratic Party in America will be extinct for the next 20 years.

  18. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    …and the solution is …stop the govt efforts and let twice as many become unemployed and just ride it out?

    what is YOUR solution to this.

    Is YOUR SOLUTION to stop the govt rescue efforts and let a depression happen?

    be honest.

    what should we do?

    I certainly don't think borrowing against the future is a wise nor sustainable strategy but given our current circumstances…

    give me an alternative that won't take us to twice the unemployment and a depression that might last a decade.

  19. Anonymous Avatar

    Vulgar Keynesianism

    Paul Krugman Is Having Hot Flashes . . . over the thought that common sense about cutting back on governmental plunder is making a comeback, and that his beloved Crackpot Keynesianism (“vulgar Keynesianism,” as Bob Higgs describes it) is once again, for the zillionth time, being discredited.

  20. Gooze Views Avatar
    Gooze Views

    Re the stock markets being down. Alan Greenspan was on msnbc this morning saying that hitting an "invisible wall" is normal in a recovery.
    Not that we all want to believe everythng Dr. Greenspan says….

  21. Hydra Avatar

    The market is down from Down from Where?

    The only thing the market is DOWN from is the bubble of 2008. It is well above its low in early 2009, well above its lows of late 2002 early 2003.

    If you took a ten year average,it is right about at the average, and also right about where it was from 2000 to 2002 and from 2004 to 2006.

    The world did not stop during those periods and there is no reason to think it will stop now.

    Now, you could argue that if you average out the buble and the crunches the market has been stagnant for ten years.

    I suppose we can blame that on Obama.


  22. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    I strongly suspect that if we went to an unemployment rate of 20% that your stock portfolio could do what stock portfolios did in the 1931.

    The scary thing here is that the Republican, the name of deficits would more than likely put us there.

    There only feedback right now is that the stimulus has not worked when the indicators say something different.

    Of course the fact that the Republicans COULD have practiced their deficit-ology back when they were in charge and not caused 20% unemployment, and in fact, in doing so, may have headed off the housing collapse seems to escape them now.

    Right now, the name of the game is to figure out which direction Obama wants to go in – then oppose it and try to block him.

    The Republicans have lost all pretense of caring about the country and anyone other than those who are wealthy.

    Everyone else can go to Hades.

  23. Anonymous Avatar

    The Stimulus efforts, which I did not oppose in principle, remind me of General Ambrose Burnside of the federal Army of the Potomac at Fredericksburg. Use of a frontal attack on entrenched enemy troops can and has worked, but sometimes its doesn't and didn't. Burnside was not incompetent for trying the frontal attack, but was for continuing it over and over again when it was not producing results.

    Obama's economic plans are failing to create the economic growth necessary for job growth, which, in turn, will put more tax money into government coffers. Just as Burnside should have modified his tactics, so should Obama. Doing more of the same is not likely to work, but will create even higher levels of debt. My belief is that Obama is a whole lot smarter than Burnside, so let' see something different. Stop trying to save all of public sector jobs. Let the public sector shrink, especially at the local level, and let the private sector grow.


  24. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    " Obama's economic plans are failing to create the economic growth necessary for job growth, which, in turn, will put more tax money into government coffers."

    This is true.

    Would it be the same if there were no stimulus at all like some say?

    I'm not convinced. I think we'd have 20% unemployment and I'm not alone and in good company with quite a few economists.

    Isn't it also funny that the same ones who say the stimulus is not working.. say that our efforts in Afghanistan – are?

    why is that?

  25. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    " New Fiscal Year Brings More Grief for State Budgets, Putting Economic Recovery at Risk"

    "Dismal state revenue collections caused by the severe recession are setting the stage for a new round of state budget cuts as fiscal year 2011 begins in most states on July 1. The states’ cumulative budget shortfall will likely reach $140 billion in the coming year, the largest shortfall yet in a string of huge annual gaps that date back to the beginning of the recession. Closing it will have severe effects on services and jobs."

    " Virginia’s $700 million in cuts for the coming biennium include the state’s share of an array of school district operating and capital expenses, and funding for class-size reduction in"

    My question is – what are the anti-Obama blatherbutts response to this?

    It's clear that the biggest beneficiaries of the govt stimulus – are the states.

    I agree.. it's money we don't have..

    but the anti-Obama folks seem to have much glee in this being Obama's problem and that his solution – a stimulus is the wrong approach.

    So, once again, I ask those who blog here – what we should be doing instead?

    In Virginia, 700 million dollars at 50K per state job comes out to be about 14,000 jobs or about 140 teachers/deputies per county..

    What should we be doing if not a stimulus?

  26. Groveton Avatar

    "Isn't it also funny that the same ones who say the stimulus is not working.. say that our efforts in Afghanistan – are?

    why is that?".

    Who are the people who think that our efforts in Aghganistan are working?

  27. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    according to the polls like this one:

    " Fox News Poll: Obama’s Approval Steady; Most Support Action in Afghanistan"

    about 80% of the Republicans.

    do you think that 80% support Obama for keeping us in Afghanistan?


    All they can do is talk about what a wimp he is because he wants reviews and deadlines.

    so they want us to stay there until we "win" whatever that means, and if we leave we are disrespecting the soldiers who have already died.

    it's fine that we fight the war without PayGo.

    It's fine that we spend billions of dollars for soldiers, artificial limbs and MRAPs but it's wrong for us to spend money to save teacher and deputy's jobs.

    This is the basic budgetary policy of the Republicans these days.

    Now.. I don't know what happens if Obama starts calling the funding for Afghanistan the "war stimulus".

    that would probably put the wingnuts into a real tizzy.

    The Republicans would probably point out that we cannot bring the soldiers home anyhow because they would have to go on unemployment and we'd lose hundreds of thousands of jobs that produce body armor and MRAPS, eh?

  28. Groveton Avatar

    Larry, Larry, Larry …

    There's a big difference between saying we should stay in Afghanistan and saying our efforts there are working.

    I think most people believe that we should stay in Afhganistan but we need a new approach to fighting the war there.

    Less then 10 years ago a terrorist group operating from within the failed state of Afhganistan launched a successful attack against the United States killing 3,000 people. If we leave Afhganistan now I see nothing that would stop the same thing from happening again.

  29. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    " If we leave Afhganistan now I see nothing that would stop the same thing from happening again."

    and if it happens in Pakistan, the other "stans", Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Iran – then what?

    NOT being able to deal with these realities and insisting to do the same thing we are doing is going to get us what?

    Afghanistan has had no central govt for 400 years and has a literacy rate of around 24%.

    Do you think we're going to be able to Nation-Build it into some kind of a Democracy that will not allow terrorists to hide there?

    All we are doing is a modern military version of what we did when we made the Shah of Iran our puppet.

    Again – being a person who cannot see the futility of this.. and at the same time saying that it is okay to spend money we don't have on it …at the same time you're saying that we can't spend money to keep this country out of a depression is sheer IDIOCY in my view.

    If the Republicans were still in charge, we be in a depression and Iran… and be talking about more tax cuts.

    Are the folks who support these types of things in concert with their opposition of Obama thinking clearly?

    Is that what we need for leadership instead of Obama?

    I'll say again.. this President is not 100% gold. He does have some issues but when you look at the world views of the folks who oppose him – it's downright comical.

    These folks would have us occupy every country in the MIddle-EAst where Al-Qaeda is known to be.

    and we'd be trying to nation-build each of them into American-style Christian Democracies.

  30. Groveton Avatar

    "and if it happens in Pakistan, the other "stans", Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Iran – then what?".

    Yes, Larry – when terrorists set up shop in failed countries, attack us and kill thousands of our citizens we should do nothing because it might happen somewhere else later. Good point. We should have just let Al Queda alone after 9/11.

    What are you thinking??

  31. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    Groveton – you need to listen closely to the foreign policy views of the Obama opponents.

    These are the same folks (Neocons) who supported Dick Cheney's worldviews.

    Remember Dick "deficits don't matter – bomb Iran back to the stone-age" Cheney?

    Deficits didn't/don't matter when we went into Iraq and Afghanistan but they matter now if we are spending to avoid 20% unemployment and a depression?

    It's okay to give our kids the "crushing debt" from the wars but not the "crushing debt" from avoiding a depression?

    do you support giving our kids "crushing debt" if it is for (in your mind) the "right" reasons?

    but you opposed doing that for the "wrong" reasons?

  32. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    " Yes, Larry – when terrorists set up shop in failed countries, attack us and kill thousands of our citizens we should do nothing because it might happen somewhere else later. Good point. We should have just let Al Queda alone after 9/11."

    Groveton – you don't do what is stupid do you?

    Is there more than one way to go after Al Queda besides squandering our young people and running our economy into the group in really idiotic approach?

    What we are doing – does not work guy.

    Patriotism should not be stupidiness.

    By all means, we should do what we must to run these scum-bags down.. but jeeze – is there a law against being smart about it?

  33. Groveton Avatar

    "Is there more than one way to go after Al Queda besides squandering our young people and running our economy into the group in really idiotic approach?".

    I think you've been watching too many James Bond movies. Or, maybe it's Spiderman or Transformers or X-Men.

    In real life, thosands of heavily armed terrorists operating in a broken nation state are defeated by armies, not secret agents, death rays or random acts of kindness like paying the tolls for cars with I Bin Laden bumper stickers behind you at the toll booth.

    Obama naievly tried talking. That didn't work. Now it's Pataeus and a surge. Well, at least Barry's learning.

  34. hydra Avatar

    This is fun. I don't even have to jump in and stir the pot.

    I grieve for everyone lost to terrorism, but if this was about saving American lives we would be spending as much preventing swimming pool deaths as on terrorism.

    This is about vengeance not protection.


  35. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    Now tell me again who thinks you can beat insurgents embedded in the population with the military especially when the insurgents can then just leave and go across the border into another country?

    The military only works in this situation if the military can also ignore the borders in their pursuit.

    Do we expect to expand our military's footprint in that part of the world accordingly?

    If you do – then I suggest this.

    That there is worth a vote by the American people because it is their sons & daughters who most folks think – ought to carry out said strategy and apparently the same sons&daughters who will be expected to pay off the war-induced deficit also.

    So the same folks who are up in arms about "Obama's deficit" are in favor of a "war deficit"?

    I'm trying the follow the logic here.

    It's okay to see our young folks off on these futile military adventures but we can't spend to keep teachers and deputies back home employed?

    and the same folks who believe this call others left-wing "loons"?

    uh huh

  36. Darrell -- Chesapeake Avatar
    Darrell — Chesapeake

    The A Whale is now sitting about 15 miles from the oil spill. Guess they are waiting for approval.

  37. Darrell -- Chesapeake Avatar
    Darrell — Chesapeake

    Guess this is why they are called the Shrinking Middle Class.–.html

    The guys on high don't even need to pay taxes, but lord help you if your ex-spouse was a credit card junkie. At least you won't need a credit check to wash the big dogs government limos, but don't expect tips. Oh well, there's plenty of contractors looking to jump over to the GS gravy train, if They can pass the test.

    Just a new definition for Credit Default Swap.

  38. Darrell -- Chesapeake Avatar
    Darrell — Chesapeake

    A Whale has it's test. Once cycle around the oil spill so far.

  39. Larry G Avatar
    Larry G

    I don't see how that thing actually works. The intake ports look not very large and are not at the waterline.

  40. Darrell -- Chesapeake Avatar
    Darrell — Chesapeake

    Too me, cutting holes in the side of a ship isn't usually a good idea. That's why I never became a tube sailor. But what do I know?

    Re ballasting will get the openings down to the oily water. The question remains what happens after that.

  41. hydra Avatar

    I imagine it has oil separators to clean the water and discharge it. The advantage to being so large being that it can store more oil before it has to come off station to discharge or sell the oil

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