I’ve done some long-overdue house cleaning on my blog roll, deleting some 20 or so blogs that have gone stale or shut down completely. My rule of thumb, if someone hasn’t posted in the past six months, the blog has nothing new — and isn’t likely to any time soon.

A number of bloggers have moved, and I’ve updated the new URLs where I could find them.

Blogging is spreading so fast that it’s all but impossible to keep up with the new ones. I add them as I come across them. As always, I list only blogs that deal with state/level politics and public policy to a significant degree. I have made a handful of exceptions for blogs that address transportation/land use issues nationally, as that is a core interest of Bacon’s Rebellion.

I’m happy to add anyone that meets my criteria, please contact me and I’ll be happy to add you.

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  1. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    I dunno about others but one of the more positive things of recent is that some elected officials have put up blogs and I think this is a good thing that we should encourage and possibly one way of doing so would be to either tag them individually or group them together.

    there are at least two in the blogroll that I am aware of but there may be others…

    Some day, I’d like to see all elected officials have blogs.

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