Hot or Hype?

Becky Dale pointed me to this news story in the Manassas Journal Messenger. Despite all the talk about rising real estate assessments and homeowner unrest, Prince William County has apparently not seen any increase in the number of calls to its assessment office. Could this be less of an issue than either Kaine or Kilgore imagined?

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  1. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Will: Just because the volume of calls hasn’t gone up, that doesn’t mean much to me. Very few people challenge their assessments. Most don’t even know that they’re being hit with higher property taxes. They won’t know until their escrow payment goes up next year–and then they’ll blame their mortgage company instead…

    We have a number of candidates in FXCO and one in Loudon that are challenging the incumbent Republicans who voted for the tax increase. From what I hear from these campaigns, the tax issue is the No. 1 issue residents are talking about. When the candidates and their volunteers go door-to-door and say that they’re running becausse of the runway taxes, they get an earful about taxes being out of control.

    Most people say the’ll vote for the candidate if he is running on a platform to roll back taxes. This is a big selling point with the campaigns.

    We’ll know by June how potent a message this is. Remember that it’s very hard to unseat an incumbent. If we get two or more upsets, then there should be little doubt about how potent the anti-tax message is.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Has anyone actually been through the tax assessment abatement procedure? It appears to be so stacked against the owner that there is no point.

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