Holy Bat Bill, Robin!

What was the point of this stunt? And how did a variation make it to the Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial page?

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  1. Another big issue by the House Democrats dealing with …

    Transportation? Education? The environment? Tax or tort reform? Sagging pants?

    Maybe it’s the environment? Yep, that’s the ticket!

    RT-D: “Stump’s measure now goes back to the House for approval of a minor editing amendment the correct spelling of the bat’s Latin name and then heads to Gov. Mark R. Warner for his approval, veto or possible changes.

    “It really hasn’t been on the governor’s radar, but since it’s flying out of the Senate, the governor will have to sink his teeth into it,” said Warner’s press secretary, Ellen Qualls.

    Come Robin, to the Bat Cave …

    “Holy gastronomic consumption, Batman! The Governor will have to his teeth into it, you say?” questioned the Boy Wonder.

    “Batman, that’s not very presidential-acting.”

    Batman thought, “Out of the mouths of Boy Wonders oft-times come gems.”

  2. This is an environmental issue. Bats are important to Virginia’s ecology.
    This is not funny. Its stupid. It just adds to the impression that the General Assembly is a big joke.

  3. As the author of the RTD article notes, Virginia has plenty of equally “important” designations like this already in effect. Of course, everyone knows that milk is the official beverage of the Commonwealth. How come?

    I grew up in the vicinity of the A. Smith Bowman Distillery at Sunset Hills Farm (known today as Reston). And I remember fondly the sweet aroma of mash cooking for whiskey as it drifted across the soccer fields near Whiele Avenue. Nowadays, you can find the distillery on the banks of the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg. Apparently, it has been operated by succeeding generations of the Bowman family, and it is the oldest family-owned bourbon distillery in the United States. As silly as it is, if we must have an “official beverage,” shouldn’t it be Virginia Gentleman?

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