Hey, Show Some Respect!

by Walter Smith

There is a new conservative meme loose in the land. It is profane and disrespectful, and it does nothing to elevate the civic discourse. But it gets the point across. It seems that crowds in football stadiums around the country have taken to chanting, “F— Joe Biden!” Hilariously, one sports commentator mistook the vulgarity as, “Let’s go Brandon!” Now the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” has taken on a life of its own.

At a recent football game at Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium, students broke out in just such a chant, and, apparently, the Tech administration did not approve. According to WJHL News, following displays of “selfish, inappropriate and embarrassing student behavior” that “falls short of Virginia Tech standards,” the administration restricted student attendance to season ticket holders and student lottery winners. As examples of objectionable behavior, the university mentioned students entering the game illegally or violating line protocols. The communique did not mention the profane mantra, but the Media Research Center blog, reading between the lines, viewed the crackdown as a rebuke of the anti-Biden chants.

I don’t know the truth of the matter, but based upon memories of my own sordid behavior as a University of Virginia undergraduate, I offer some advice to the Tech students.

I seem to recall an incident when UVa was hosting the University of North Carolina Tarheels Saturday one night long ago at U-Hall. This was back in the day when the Atlantic Coast Conference had seven schools and we bore a fond brotherly hatred for all our rivals. (As much as I relished trouncing Tech, I rooted most heartily against Carolina, followed closely by that cheating Yankee school, Dook.)

The game was telecast regionally on Raycom, with Billy Packer and Bones McKinney… starting at 9 p.m… on a Saturday night. Well, UNC had more talent,  as it usually did back then, and Dean Smith did his usual take-the-air-out-of-the- ball four-corners strategy with about 12 minutes left in the game. The student section – did I mention most were drunk by the time the game started, and that we continued to imbibe Pepsi and bourbon during the game? – started a resounding chant which echoed off of the U-Hall roof – A$$h0!e…A$$h0!e… over and over.

Bones said he couldn’t quite make out what the students were saying, but the entire Raycom audience knew!

The next week featured much stern criticism from the administration, probably the Daily Regress and even the Cavalier Daily. Fearing that the student performance would be repeated the following Saturday night with Lefty Driesell and the evil Maryland Terps coming to U-Hall, to be broadcast …at 9 p.m… the forces of decorum were all over it. Students were handed a sheet of paper with numbered chants. We were also given a church fan like contraption – basically a paint stick with a big picture of Lefty’s head and a gas gauge pointing to empty on his forehead. I can’t remember if we won, but I do recall it was awful fun and UVa avoided further embarrassment.

In that spirit, I offer this advice to Tech students for all sporting events.

F Joe Biden = Let’s go Brandon
F the Tech Admin = Let’s go Brandon
F the mask police = Let’s go Brandon
F the Covid vax Nazis = Let’s Go Brandon
F Fauci, the CDC and the FDA and the horses they rode in on = Let’s go Brandon
F lockdowns and social distancing and squashing normal student fun = Let’s go Brandon
F the indoctrination and everything being about race all the time = Let’s go Brandon
F squelching our speech = Let’s go Brandon
F UVA… Hey, have some respect for your superior in-State school! Do you think you’re Hira Azher?*

Walter Smith is an attorney residing in Henrico County.

** Hira Azher had every right to express her opinion profanely. The outrage was that displaying her “F— UVA” message on a Lawn door was inappropriate for a World Heritage site frequented by tourists, families, etc.

Update: This column has been updated to reflect the fact that the person who voiced the term “let’s go Brandon” was not a football commentator.

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18 responses to “Hey, Show Some Respect!”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    There may be some confusion here between raucous behavior and physical disruption and personal threats directed at individuals and lumping all of them together.

    A more apt comparison, might be to consider students/fans in the stands coming on to the field during the game and then confronting coaches with physical threats or students in a classroom getting up jeering and shouting and threatening the instructor ….

  2. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    Is getting drunk before a game and then continuing to drink during the game part of the “Jefferson Legacy” that Mr. Smith and others are trying to promote?

    1. how_it_works Avatar

      Nahh, I think it’s getting drunk while driving and then throwing the beercan into the roadside ditch.

      Keep Virginia Beautiful.

      1. Baconator with extra cheese Avatar
        Baconator with extra cheese

        Or better yet get drunk, crash car into water, leave young lady in the car to drown. Democrat-style.

    2. Only if you’re drinking Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon…

    3. walter smith Avatar
      walter smith

      No. It was a different time. 18 was legal for beer (and maybe wine). The school didn’t have a vaccine requirement (and we somehow survived). We still had Easters, which I think got killed off after my 3rd year. Playboy (I think) rated UVA and Easters as some kind of great party school. Back then students routinely brought in flasks to football games, and even some basketball games. I’m not saying that was a great thing. I am saying what was true back then.
      UVA, under Hereford, who actually loved the school, unlike the current people paid exorbitantly to destroy it, was highly embarrassed and even the CD joined in to condemn the spectacle.
      I thought the response was brilliant. UVA was not embarrassed and everybody had a lot of fun. I bet even Lefty laughed.
      So, I was encouraging the VaTechsters to use “Let’s go Brandon” as an all-encompassing expression of discontent (and I think all students at all schools have much well-earned discontent to express!).
      As to the “legacy” you can read The Jefferson Council’s website and I think you already know that.
      But, here it is –
      Promote an academic environment based on open dialogue throughout the University.
      Preserve the Jefferson Legacy.
      Preserve the appearance of the Lawn as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and
      Support and reinvigorate the Honor System.

      In my view, the Ryan admin fails on points 1,2 and 4, and maybe to sort of trying on point 3 because so many were upset…gotta protect the $$$$

  3. tmtfairfax Avatar

    This is quite vulgar and in bad taste. But it’s not much different than Stephen Colbert’s pre-show remarks to his audience and only slightly better than his monologue.

  4. LarrytheG Avatar

    I really don’t have a problem with “disrespect”. None. But I have a big problem with intimidation and threats carried out by individuals and groups towards elected or appointed officials, and I have an even bigger complaint against equating bullying and intimidation with “disrespect”.

    1. You are the one who dragged “intimidation and threats carried out by individuals and groups towards elected or appointed officials” into the discussion. The article had nothing to do with those things.

  5. Baconator with extra cheese Avatar
    Baconator with extra cheese

    Maybe the “Let’s Go Brandon” young people should get better organized and start looting, defacing, burning, and shining lasers into the eyes of authorities.
    I heard that’s how you get your way politically and earn corporate sponsorship.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      Don’t care your political leanings, but when you personally target people it’s over the line IMHO and different than racous behavior – even vandalism and looting. When you personally target people – you’re up a level from a regular rabble rouser… and deserve to be treated by the criminal justice system on that basis.

      Violence towards inanimate things like cars or buildings is not the same as violence directed towards humans specifically in my book.

      I don’t condone any of it, but I think some folks might be confused as to the seriousness of the crime especially if they are equating.

      When you directly intimidate another person and confuse that with rable rousing or street vandalism- you need someone or the legal system to help you better understand the difference IMHO again.

      1. Is “directly intimidating” a man worse than burning down the building which houses his business?

        I bet I know what the man would say.

  6. Baconator with extra cheese Avatar
    Baconator with extra cheese

    And VT could use a course in respect. One of their football players killed a transwoman in what appears to be a hate crime and the head coach and team members openly support the young man.
    But “Let’s Go Brandon” is much more serious than a hate crime perpetrated against a transwoman.

  7. Irene Leech Avatar
    Irene Leech

    I have been at all of the VT games. I have discussed what has happened with students. NONE of it has ANYTHING to do with Biden. The chants were aimed at our university leadership. Students admit folks without tickets pushed their way into the stadium and there was disruption in lines. They claim having fun as the motivator. They mention nothing related to national issues!!! This is called making something of something that did not happen!

    1. The chants were aimed at our university leadership.

      Joe Biden is part of VT’s university leadership? Because the crowd was not chanting “F— Timothy Sands”…

  8. “Let’s Go Brandon” did not originate at a football game. It came about when the crowd at a NASCAR race was chanting “F— Joe Biden” while a reporter was interviewing the winner of a race. The driver’s name is Brandon Brown.

    The reporter “interpreted” the chant as “Let’s Go Brandon” because she either genuinely misunderstood what the crowd was saying or because she was trying to cover for her network and possibly save them from some FCC fines since the chant was going out over the air.


    My money is on the latter.

    The “F— Joe Biden” chant is not just a college football thing – it’s showing up at other sporting events including, I am told, NFL games.


  9. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead

    Well if VT would put some points on the board things might be different. Nothing cures a college better than a winning football team. The Hokies are lucky to be 3 and 3.

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