Hey, Can Students’ Parents Buy Tickets, Too?

Virginia is looking more like California every day. The William & Mary student council has agreed to provide $1,450 to help bring the Sex Workers Art Show to campus. The event, which is on nationwide tour, features monologues and performances by porn actors, strippers and other sex workers, reports the Daily Press. More than a dozen student groups are co-sponsoring the show.

Wrote Zach Pilchen, president of the Student Assembly: “There is no better place to discuss the sex work industry and its phenomena than at a liberal arts college.”

University President Gene Nichol now must decide whether to grant a campus venue for the production. Wow, what a tough decision for a broad-minded university president to make! On the one hand, it’s so vitally importance to display an openness toward a broad range of sexual lifestyles and proclivities. We wouldn’t want to send the message that the university is intolerant in any way. But on the other hand… feminist ideology stridently objects to pornography and other practices that “objectify” women as sexual objects. We wouldn’t want that either! Tolerance… objectification. Toleratance… objectification. What a choice!

I’m looking forward to seeing what decision Nichol makes, how he justifies it to the campus community and how he explains it to parents and alumni. Meanwhile, I’m interested to see what my daughter (a senior) has to say.
Update: My daughter, Ginny, responds by e-mail as follows: “If pro-life organizations on campus can use their funding to bring in evangelical Christians with signs that have pictures of bloody fetuses on them who shout at and harass people on their way to and from class, then student council funding for the Sex Workers Art Show is just fine.”

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  1. Groveton Avatar


    You named your daughter Virginia?

    My sons Fairfax and Loudoun were in stiches when they heard that.

    Actually, if I had a daughter (instead of 5 sons) I would have named her Virginia too.

    I was staying at a hotel in Miami once when there was some kind of porn star convention going on. Purely coincidence (as I explained to my wife multiple times). Holy smokes! I’ve been all over the world yet I’ve never seen anything as wild as those folks – and that was just in the lobby!

    If you go to the W&M festival I’d put on a Haz Mat suit first.

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Yeah, my daughter’s name is Virginia — Virginia Bacon. (Family joke: Good thing our last name isn’t Hamm!) My step mother’s name is Sugar — Sugar Bacon. We’ve got most of the food groups covered.

    Your sons Fairfax and Loudoun… you’re a funny guy. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than a few Virginians with “Fairfax” as a middle name.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey Groveton:


    Guess that’s how you end up with Fairfax, Loudoun (and maybe Frederick, Prince William and Groveton). That would be ‘Groveton, Groveton,’ right?

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    My father claims he nearly named me Hugo. then I’d be Hugo Hyde, but instead he took it out on my sister, Tanya.


  5. Stephen Braunlich Avatar
    Stephen Braunlich

    To quibble with your daughter’s assertion, I don’t think the campus pro-life club had anything to do with the graphic images. While I was at the College all of 2 years ago the same folks came. I was a member of W&M Students for Life at the time, and we had nothing to do with the off campus group coming to the Williamsburg area. In fact, we took to the student paper against it:

    As a similar point of fact, the pro-life club gets little to no funding… certainly not $1,450. While I was there we had to fight tooth and nail to get just a couple hundred dollars to defray the cost of training students to volunteer at the pregnancy care center.

    So really, there’s no comparison between this sex show and the campus pro-life club.

  6. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    re: naming kids

    I guess ya’ll heard about the Hoggs who named their daughter Ima and the Butts who named their daughter – Bertha.


    My wife sez they need a “What were they thinking” award that Kids are allowed to award to their parents to “thank” them after they’ve grown up.

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