Here Comes the Bobsled!

George Fitch, the Don Quixotian seeker of the Republican Party nomination for governor, has delivered petitions with 14,000 signatures to the State Board of Elections — enough to ensure that he gets on the June ballot for the state primary.

Eighty-two volunteers around the state collected names to get Fitch on the ballot. These volunteers came to him through the George Fitch for Governor website. Fitch, the fiscally conservative mayor of Warrenton best known as the promoter behind the Jamaican bobsled team, gathered more than 2,000 of those signatures himself.

Ignoring Fitch as always, the Kilgore campaign issued a press chortling at the relatively low number of signatures submitted by Democrat Tim Kaine. Noting that the Kaine campaign had set a goal of submitting 30,000 signatures, Kilgore’s press secretary, Tim Murtaugh, noted that Kaine had garnered only 18,776 signatures.

There was no indication in the Kilgore press release, nor on the Kilgore website, how many signatures the former Attorney General submitted. But if Fitch, despite a near black-out in press coverage for his campaign, managed to bring in 76 percent as many signatures as the undisputed Democratic nominee, it may indicate that his anti-tax, anti-spending message has more traction than commonly recognized.

Then again, those 14,000 signatures may mean that if you go to a shopping mall, you can get people to sign almost anything just to get you to leave them alone.

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  1. 14,000…Impressive. Something is going on here.

  2. Actually, he’s up to 16,000 – that’s what I read

  3. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Commonwealth Conservative has the story of Kilgore’s over 30,000 signatures.

    I thought Fitch would have more trouble getting the signatures. I’m impressed, too.

    Is this momentum for Fitch? If it is, can he capitalize on it with just his 2003 Taurus?

    If Kilgore were to agree to a debate with Fitch now, it would be interpreted as a sign of weakness, although it would be good practice for him. Such is the state of the “expectations game” that is the center of all political stores.

    So, Kilgore probably won’t debate or joint appear with Fitch. That may become the issue, which is a shame. It’s always “the issue,” instead of the candidates’ ideas. Any surrogates can debate ideas based on what should be readily available campaign materials.

  4. Fitch is bona fide. Let the debates begin.

  5. Nothing bores me to tears more than the debate over debates. TEARS.

  6. Dave Burgess Avatar
    Dave Burgess


  7. Hmmm… Potts broke off to run against Kilgore, likly representing the Republican middle.
    Fitch is running against Kilgore from the far right. (Does promoting winter snow sports in the Caribbean make one a good Governor?)
    And you have what should be the Republican front runner trying to decide to be a Norquist boy, or what?… Speech lessons? Voice coach?!
    As ugly as this (Governor’s race) has been already, how can anyone say that our party isn’t being torn apart?!
    And what about Kilgore and demKaine with their dueling real estate tax gimmicks? Does anyone have any sense anymore?

  8. Ray Hyde Avatar

    Anybody who dreams up the Jamaican Bobsled team can’t be all bad, and he is probably an advertising force to be reckoned with.

    I think Bacon is right about the shopping mall. I can’t take Fitch seriously, much as I would like to.

    I’m so utterly fed up with the nonsense politicians try to sell me that I have said for years ” Look guys, just take (30, 40 50)% of my income up front. Then go away and leave me alone to do the best I can with the rest.”

    I would be money and time ahead.

  9. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    Kilgore filed over 34,000 according to his latest Press Release.

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