Help Us Build Virginia’s Best News Feed

There’s a feature on Bacon’s Rebellion that few readers have noticed because I have never drawn attention to it. I have started compiling an RSS news feed of Virginia blogs, news sources, and advocacy groups. You can see the link on the menu above.

Plenty of news never makes it into the established news media for the simple reason that editorial holes are getting tighter, stories are getting shorter, and newsrooms don’t have the staff to cover everything that is newsworthy. If your organization — political campaign, advocacy group, trade association, state or local government agency, whatever — is looking for visibility, click here and fill out the form so we can add your press releases and news stories to our news feed. Here’s the trick: You must have an RSS feed — that’s the only way we can pick up your material.

As an incentive to share your RSS feed, The Blunderbuss, our new newsletter, will publish the most interesting headlines each day. Bypass the media gatekeepers and go straight to Bacon’s Rebellion’s readers.