Harsh But Fair? You Decide.

 RPV Chairman Jack Wilson issued a statement today blasting Governor Ralph Northam for allowing COVID-19 to fester in Virginia nursing homes. In a missive headed, “Northam Creates Nursing Home Death Camps,” he said: 

There is a massive problem taking place in Virginia nursing homes and Governor Northam is sweeping it under the rug. When will he take action? When will he take responsibility? Every moment spent parading around with Pharrell Williams and dangling the statue issue in front of Virginians like a set of keys is a moment lost in the fight against COVID-19. He frees criminals from jail because of COVID-19, but delivers a death sentence to our seniors. Virginia is desperate for leadership, and Northam refuses to provide it.

The statement certainly is no worse than a recent fund-raising letter from Attorney General Mark Herring’s gubernatorial campaign, signed ‘Team Herring,” that accuses President Trump of using the COVID-19 crisis to “fan the flames of racism and xenophobic hate.” Referring to COVID-19 as the “Wuflu” or “Chinese flu,” you see, encourages “acts of harassment, aggression, and violence toward Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders.”

Surely we’re better than this.

On second thought, maybe we’re not.


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  1. VPAP reports RPV has less than 2 grand cash on hand. It is dead. It died on Jack’s watch. He’s fighting for another term to keep it dead for a while longer. This level of pathetic is why nobody gives it money anymore.

    • “He’s dead, Jim!”… another fitting meme. Seriously, that’s the best news I’ve heard in awhile. Repub party will have to be torn down in order to rebuild the party

    • Obviously redistricting will change the lines, but….
      Everyone in politics understands that when it comes to House seats, you either beat the incumbent on their first try for re-election or it becomes nearly impossible to dislodge them.
      RPV and the GOP in Virginia are so catastrophically disorganized, that I have a hard time seeing any of the candidates winning 46% in the 7th District this November. Spanberger’s about to be handed this seat for the next decade.
      The GOP is about to biff away what was once one of the 20 most Republican seats in the country.

  2. well.. it sounds a lot like the typical comments here in BR, no?


  3. A sad situation all around but unfortunately this is what has become of civic discourse in the country.

  4. Well, it’s too coherent and grammatically correct to have been a cut & paste from @POTUS, but it’s not any less childish.

  5. The last time I checked, these nursing homes were privately-owned and operated. Why is all the blame for the spread of COVID-19 in the nursing homes being laid at the Governor’s feet? Shouldn’t the owners of these facilities share most of the blame? After all, they are responsible for the staffing, the disinfection of the facilities, the control of who comes and goes, etc.. What would Mr. Wilson have the Governor do? Seize the nursing homes and have the state run them?

  6. Pretty lame commentary from the RPV. No sense of what Northam should have done differently. Should have been anti-big government for spending tax dollars to inspect nursing homes and then doing nothing about low scores. Should have compared Virginia per capita nursing home deaths to other states. Should have compared the transparency of other states to the opacity of Virginia.

    Capt Sherlock … can you please write and send them a proper press release on this? Lol.

    Jack Wilson ought to read Bacon’s Rebellion. At least he would have seen some cogent arguments.

    Herring is a tool. Prototypical modern day politician. No substance. I demand he protect me from assault from people who contract the German Measles. By the way, he railed at Cuccinelli for not resigning to run for governor. When are we going to see the end of Herring’s reign as Attorney General?

    Pete Snyder needs to take over the RPV and Chap Petersen needs to be the Democratic candidate for governor.

    • Would the current crop of Republicans have done anything different? The RPV has clearly lost its ability to pretend to have a different agenda.

    • “Herring is a tool.” Tool, spelled “Cuccinelli”.

      Just a guess at the school, but that’s one law degree UofR should recall. Ken couldn’t frame a picture, let alone a cogent argument.

      Damn, Mason.

      • Cuccinelli got his law degree from George Mason University. You owe the University of Richmond an apology. (His undergraduate degree is from UVa.)

        • While I damned myself for my incorrect guess, that did nothing to give redress to UofR for the sleight. And so, wythe sincerity, I offer my humble apology. Clearly, the fault began in Charlottesville, as usual.

  7. Wait. Virginia still has a Republican party?

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