Hair Braiders and Tow Trucks

Virginia hair braiders — free at last!

Gov. Bob McDonnell has just announced a “government reform initiative” that will eliminate two state agencies and 19 boards and commissions, and consolidate another 23 boards and commissions. Sounds really impressive… until you realize that the reforms are touted to save only $2 million a year.

In a budget exceeding $40 billion a year, $2 million is chump change. If I were governor and saw it laying on the floor, I wouldn’t stoop over to pick it up. (Actually, I would pick it up. I’m just engaging in hyperbole here.) Making the changes is better than not making them, so this does represent progress of a sort. But let’s not kid ourselves, this is not what we’re talking about when we discuss the need to reinvent government.

The two agencies slated for the deep six are the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority and the Board of Towing and Recovery Operators. Among the boards and commissions to be eliminated are the Interagency Dispute Resolution Council, the Virginia Council on Indians and the Virginia Juvenile Enterprise Committee. Yawn.

The most positive change to come from this initiative doesn’t affect agencies, boards or commissions at all. The governor is also de-regulating three professions: hair braiders, mold inspectors and remediators, and interior designers. Good. The state had no business meddling in those professions in the first place.

Now that we’ve gotten the easy stuff out of the way, maybe we can focus on the stuff that really matters.


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2 responses to “Hair Braiders and Tow Trucks”

  1. this is invariably how the no-taxers operate these days.

    they insist that govt waste and redundant agencies are at the root of the tax and budget conundrum…so it’s an article of philosophical faith that they go through this process to prove to themselves and their supporters that they really do believe the “govt is bad and wastes money” blather.

    then.. after they do that.. they have to deal with the realities.

    So far.. this Gov… has deferred payment of just obligations.. the pensions… borrowed money for transportation…and ..this is a real shock… proposed raising taxes… on alcohol and oil drilling… SHOCKING!

    so now.. he has to get back to the real world where the Fed stimulus money is gone….and education, transportation and law enforcement all have their hands out waiting for their annual dollop….. and ready to clutch their hands to their chests…if funding is cut…

    my advice. Be a man Gov. McDonnell (yes. I know that is sexist)… stand up for your beliefs…. do not flinch…do not blink… do your thing…

    please do not turn into yet another slimy politician….

    and Gawd Forbid … do not follow in Kaine’s illegitimate footsteps…

  2. Cucinelli for governor.

    Horses are allowed to be slaughtered for meat again.

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