My posting might be light the next couple of days. My PC died yesterday and I had to buy a new one. Now I’m focused on the laborious process of downloading all my old software and files. Fortunately, I backed up my files on, a cloud service. But the darn thing tells me it could take 2 days to restore them! If you’re using a cloud service, beware — it may take longer to get up and running than you anticipated.

Until Carbonite does manage to download my files, I have no access to my calendar (I hope I don’t have anything important scheduled!), my contacts or my pre-crash emails. I am currently receiving new emails, however…. And taking telephone calls.

Update: Nearly two days later, I’m still downloading files. Got at least another day to go. Ugh. Carbonite sucks.


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6 responses to “Grrrrrr….”

  1. Darrell Avatar

    A dying computer is nature’s way of telling you it’s time for an upgrade. 🙂

    Some people would still be using MS-DOS 1.0 if their system hadn’t bit the dirt.

  2. You’re right. My PC was 3 to 4 years old. About time I upgraded.

  3. re: lost laptop (sort of) back in Jan….the guts were fine but the screen was gone and so I was able to hook it up to an external monitor while I got stuff off of it, etc.

    but you email, calendar, etc… might want to keep them in the “cloud” so you can then have them available on different devices just by “syncing” … and be able to access them even from devices that are not yours….

    the data while very important is just half the deal.. getting all your software and those pesky “preferences” on things like browsers re-set is “icky”.

    been playing around with a couple of tablets lately.. a Kindle Fire and an IPAD….. I think every kid in school is going to have a tablet sooner than later…it’s a bit scary actually… how fast this appears to be happening…

  4. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    In other words, your Bacon’s fried!

  5. A couple of big thumb drives is all I need.

    I think I am still on windows 2000!

  6. Darrell Avatar

    I got a Samsung Galaxy MP3 player. I use it as an Android wifi tablet. Loaded it with all the travel stuff I need for when I get out of Dodge. Wanted something smaller and cheaper than those Ipad thingys.

    I looked at the Kindle, but found you have to put personal crap like credit card numbers in it. Not a good idea around fast fingered Hey Joes.

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